How to uninstall Windows 10 Anniversary Update

So you installed the Windows 10 Anniversary Update or Windows 10 v1607 and you do not like it for some reason – or maybe it is giving you problems, and you want to uninstall it – well, here are the instructions that will show you how to uninstall Windows 10 Anniversary Update from your PC.

Uninstall Windows 10 Anniversary Update

To uninstall Windows 10 Anniversary Update you will have to open the Start Menu. Next, click on the Settings link – depicted by the sprocket/wheel image.

Having opened Settings, click on Update and security and here select Recovery settings. Now under the Go back to an earlier build section, click on the Get started button.

go back to an earlier build

The process will start and you will be asked some questions fo information purposes, as to why you are going back to the previous build of Windows 10.

uninstall Windows 10 Anniversary Update

Do the needful and click Next to move on. If you wish, you have a chance to Cancel now.

You have to remember that when you go back, you will lose the settings changes or the apps you may have installed after you upgraded to the current build. Just to be on the safe side, you may want to also back up your data. Also remember to note down your password or login credentials as you will be required to enter them after the process is completed.

If for some reason you are unable to log into your PC, you can also uninstall this Windows 10 Anniversary Update build via the Advanced startup options > See more recovery options.

All the best!

NOTE: Microsoft has reduced the uninstall/rollback period from 30 days to 10 days, with Windows 10 Anniversary Update v 1607.

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Anand Khanse is the Admin of, a 10-year Microsoft MVP Awardee in Windows (2006-16) & a Windows Insider MVP. Please read the entire post & the comments first, create a System Restore Point before making any changes to your system & be careful about any 3rd-party offers while installing freeware.


  1. Richard Brand

    Windows 10 Anniversary Update prevents Anuko Clock from replacing the standard clock. Having to in-install – not at all happy

  2. blindexecutioner

    Group policy changes have lost them a customer.

  3. NJSHORE04

    My HP Touchsmart All in One has a problem since the update with the touch. I can scroll and swipe but not select.
    I have tried every workaround to fix it- no good. ( HID settings, 8.1 drivers, HP diagnostic Component tests, touch and pen settings, etc)

  4. Amy

    I previously had Windows 8 on my laptop and upgraded it to Windows 10 a few months ago.
    Will this make my computer go back to Win 8 or the first version of Win 10?
    As much as I dislike Win 10, I dislike Win 8 even more and would hate for my laptop to go back to it…

  5. NJSHORE04

    I did the rollback this morning and it fixed the touch issue. It rolled it back to the previous Windows 10 update, not to 8.1

  6. Amy

    Thank you so much for answering! Thanks to you I’ve been able to roll back to Win 10 without fear!

  7. Hiu

    Hi I have problem because that option is not available/visible in my Win10.
    Could help me with that?

  8. Brant Boatright

    If you’re running Windows Home, that option is not visible/available. I’m researching ways to uninstall it for some Win10 Home PCs because they cannot run Quickbooks now!

  9. BritinSA

    Doesn’t work >10 days after the upgrade:

    “This option is no longer available because your PC was upgraded more than 10 days ago”. 🙁

  10. Yes they reduced the uninstall/rollback period from 30 days to 10 days, with Windows 10 Anniversary Update v 1607.

  11. Ethan

    damn this is ridiculous i accidentally update to it and now i cant remove it.
    and this update is literally killing my computer

  12. Rick Burgess

    No kidding it is a joke,10 day limit is stupid.

  13. Trish

    Win 10 1607 ver has issues with Lenovo drivers. When following directions above, I see under “Go back to earlier version” – This option is no longer available because your PC was upgraded more than 10 days ago. – But that is untrue 1607 AU was installed less than 1 week ago and have been trying to get things working. Can’t go forward, can’t go back. Stuck with a PC that does not work due to 1607 update.

  14. Allan Postgate

    I’ve rolled back to Windows version 1511 as I couldn’t sync my MP3 player to Napster after the Windows Anniversary Update. In fact Windows didn’t even register that my MP3 player was plugged in after the update. All is fine now. What I want to know is, will Windows keep re-installing the Anniversary Update after I’ve uninstalled it?

  15. Yes. It will keep being offered and installing …. Unless you disable Windows Update totally. But then you wont get even the security updates.

  16. Allan Postgate

    Thanks for that, but I thought you couldn’t disable the updates unless you have Windows 10 Professional, and I’ve got W10 Home.

  17. E M Brown

    This is the third explanation that has said go to “Go back to an earlier build” and click get started. When I get to this point the message says, “This option is no longer available because your PC was upgraded more than 10 days ago.” I have had nothing but trouble since this update was installed. I have now turned off “automatically install.”

  18. DS Wilson

    Trish – same issues here with my Lenovo. Any luck finding a resolution with MS or Lenovo?

  19. Vlog-Social

    Is there any news for people who don’t have this option. The only option I see is to reset the PC and reinstall all my programs and apps.

  20. Xelas

    When i try to go back in an earlier build, it says that i have “moved my account”? Make it go back in the original location? What should i do?

  21. What is the exact full message you receive? Did you make any changes to any of your system folders/files? Maybe moved some folders from their default locations?

  22. lamk123

    My desktop keeps showing airplane mode and I do not have a way to turn it off/remove it. I missed the 10 day cutoff since it was changed from 30 days and I didn’t know. However the other updates I got on 9/21 are show ability to remove via system settings. Not a happy camper. I’m currently hard wired but keep getting kicked out of a game. Ten day limit? Annoying and frustrating.

  23. Ken Miller

    I recently updated to 1607, on Oct 11th downloaded and installed with WiFi Windows update KB3194798 and my Wireless connectivity was stopped immediately. Have tried every thing I know of to restore wireless, have taken my Lenovo G500 20236 to MS Store to enable techs there to work on it, no luck. Have had level 2 techs at MS Answer Desk try to resolve problem, nothing works. Can only use the Ethernet connection. Laptop uses AR 9485 adapter with the latest update to the driver SW. Everything checks out ok with troubleshooter, but adapter is disconnected and there is no way for me to connect to a network. I have Lenovo tablet and it works fine with my network. What would you suggest I do?


    Ken Miller

  24. Lipcsey József

    Since the update the NovaBench score of my computer fell from 1200 to 500. According to NovaBench, CPU, disk, graphics, everything is way slower. StartCraft II is so slow that it is unplayable. Cannot go back to earlier build. XBox app trick didn’t work. All my drivers are up to date. It is a shame and very frustrating.

  25. Musab

    yesterday it updated to newest build, on each mouse click my desktop tends to rotate 90 degree right. I tried every thing and in last i revert the update. within 24 yours.

  26. Musab

    Thanks, already have uninstalled it.
    It will surely help me once i get new update and same problem.

  27. Dariyan Skie

    also causes massive memory leaks in DWM when using borderless windowed to play games ie lightning returns

  28. Daisy

    Cintiq Companion 2’s touch plays up when using the pen, and can’t zoom on Photoshop.

  29. Kelly

    was there an update that stop my ms access button from working I keep getting error in loading dll

  30. Ranjit Sawant

    can I repair my windows 10 with duplicate CD

  31. antor22

    OMG thank you iver since this new update my pic was slower then i looked at this and now it works! thank you so much im crying of joiy!

  32. Catherine Carlson

    Maybe about a year ago, I bought a new HP Pavilion 17.3 laptop.I had a couple of laptops with Win 7, but I wanted to get a new one, since one of my laptops was nine years old, but still worked great. I got the laptop and all was well for a while. I didn’t use it very much, just turned it on once in a while so it would update or to check my apps.
    One time it updated something and I don’t really remember what happened. It may have gotten stuck or something, I really can’t remember, so I took it back to factory settings and being used to Win 7, I looked for something on the screen like what it was doing or a percentage, and nothing. I left it for quite a while like that, and then, thinking it was broken, I turned it off, and never could turn it back on again, When I turned it off it was just a grey blank screen. So, I put it out in the garage and left it. I don’t even know if it was a year old yet.

    Since then, I found out that unlike Win 7 that takes maybe twenty minutes to put back to factory settings, Win 10 takes four hours,

    I became familiar with Win 10 but still love Win 7. It would be nice to have two different OS, especially since you can barely get any Win 7 updates anymore, and the ones you do get either don’t get installed because it gets stuck checking for updates, or they just don’t have them.

    A couple of days ago, I bought an inexpensive HP laptop (streaming) Win 10. It’s a blue plastic so the outside isn’t made as well as the metal ones. I’m going to save this one and wait until Microsoft gets their crap together and fixes their update system. I don’t have the editions where you can defer updates, Hopefully, when I set it up and start using it, I won’t have a repeat of what happened earlier, but if it doesn, I only paid $200, not five or six hundred.

    I hope they correct this soon because it seems like everyone is having problems. If you ask me, they should have stayed with Win 7. It is a great OS. Why fix something that’s not broke?

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