AntiVirus Uninstaller Tools Pack: Uninstall antivirus and security software


  1. Only one problem. The link for the software is in Romanian and I don’t see anywhere to change the language. Needless to say I don’t read romanian or Cyrillic.

  2. Antivir finds this program to be a virus…prob. a false one, but here is the info:


    Have not idea whether it is or not…but since this program comes from a Russian website (Trojan horse?), I’m deleting the program and Zip file altogether.

  3. i have just run kaspersky on the program and its fine does not show any signs of a trojan or anything, its got hooks in it as all un-installing software has and this can cause false positive readings.


    Frequently Asked Questions:

    1. My antivirus finds a virus in the files.

    For programs of this type is quite normal, since they, for example, complete anti-virus processes, delete and unload the driver, etc. We regularly send messages about false alarms in the virus laboratory. Utilities are best kept in the archive and unpack the archive if necessary, to reduce the risk of false positives. Another advantage of the archive is that some utilities are removed after the launch itself, or leave trash (reports, temporary files). 2. By the utility does not provide instructions. How do I use it? If there are no instructions, then follow the general directions: 1) Close the program and disable its protection. 2) Remove the program from the “Control Panel” -> “Add or Remove Programs.” 3) Restart your computer. 4) Run the removal tool (in

  5. In my view, an internet security product has to do two things, which often work against each other. It has to protect a PC or laptop from all kinds of malware, piumini monclair so it can be used for the everyday tasks a PC is asked to perform, without suffering from viruses, adware or other nasties which can compromise data held on it. It also has to do this without putting such a processing burden on the machine that it grinds to a halt.

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