Uniblue Powersuite Pro Review

Uniblue PowerSuite Pro is a comprehensive all-in-one set of maintenance & optimization suite for Windows that will help you in cleaning up, optimizing and repairing your Windows PC. It includes several tools like Speed Tools, System Optimization Tools, and Disk Optimization Tools.

Uniblue PowerSuite Pro Review

Uniblue PowerSuite Pro has an easy-to-navigate user interface in pleasing colors. The main window shows you the state of your Windows at any point of times, and displays alerts, should any be found. Powersuite basically includes  SpeedUpMyPC, DriverScanner & MaxiDisk. MaxiDisk helps identify and remove junk and other unwanted files from your hard disk. It will also analyze and defragment drives.

To begin using Powersuite, click on the Start full scan button. This will scan your computer for areas, where the software will be able to carry out optimization, so as to make your Windows run faster. The first time I ran the scan, it took a while. After maybe 15 minutes or so, the scan ran its course and presented the results to me.

There were several areas where the software had recommendations for me, under various categories.

Speed Tools

The Speed Tools tab contains four modules. The PC Resource Optimizer increases your PCs responsiveness by controlling runaway processes. The Software Launch Booster will speed up launch time of programs by boosting CPU resources.

The Start Menu Software Accelerator speeds up the opening of software from within the Windows Start menu. And finally, the Proactive Thumbnail Generator will let you navigate through image folders much faster.

System Optimization

Under System Optimization, the software will identify invalid registry entries which are safe to delete, Unused processes which can be safely deactivated and available Driver updates. As far as updating Drivers is concerned, if my computer and devices are working fine, I personally do not prefer to update my Drivers – but many prefer to keep their drivers up-to-date … it’s best to exercise caution while updating Drivers.

You can also defragment your Registry and control your stat ups here. It also offers tweaks to your operating system that will help boost your PCs speed. The Tweaks offered include smart tweaks for System Resource Management, Startup and Shutdown and Windows User Interface tweaks, fine-tuning of the PC’s processor and memory files.

Disk Optimization

This module includes five sub-modules. The Junk Files tab will offer to delete files from the Recycle Bin, Windows temporary files and Temporary Internet files, to help free up disk space. Disk Defragmentation will analyze the hard disk and recommend defragmentation if it is required. Under Removal of old backups, you will be able to remove the old system restore points and some old Windows update backup files.

Uniblue Powersuite Pro Review

Powersuite also includes two useful tools for File Compression and a Smart Duplicate Files Finder.

If at any point in time, if you wish to revert the changes made to your system, you can do so via Settings > Undo.

PowerSuite is power-packed with plenty of useful tools. My only suggestion to its user would be to NOT apply all the recommended tweaks and optimization tips at the same time. Apply one set of tweak first, see if you like it for a day, and if you don’t, identify and undo the changes. If you are fine with the changes – only then proceed with the next set of recommendations. This way, if you don’t like something, it will be easier for you to identify what change needs to be reversed.

Uniblue PowerSuite Pro costs $53.95, and you will also get SystemTweaker free with it. SystemTweaker offers 60 tweaks, which you may optionally apply, to tweak and customize Windows behavior to suit your requirements.

Uniblue is a Microsoft Partner Independent Software Vendor with a Gold competency and offers a 60-day money back satisfaction guarantee.

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Anand Khanse is the Admin of TheWindowsClub.com, a 10-year Microsoft MVP Awardee in Windows (2006-16) & a Windows Insider MVP. Please read the entire post & the comments first, create a System Restore Point before making any changes to your system & be careful about any 3rd-party offers while installing freeware.


  1. Bigwnl

    I have not been able to get this program to work, it starts and takes3 to4 days to get to 80% then it never finishes. I have tried the so called support team HA Ha that was a laugh. If you buy it I hope that you have a better experience then me, and every time you try to use something from them you always have to buy something else!

  2. Terence Byron

    I am having the same problem with this program taking 3 to 4 days just to scan my sysetm. Has anyone been able to fix this problem?

  3. MsMet

    same problem here. I’m on day 2 and I believe it is the cause of my not being able to surf

  4. The scan in our case lasted less than an hour. But I have bought your comments to the notice of Uniblue. The said that they have a product update going out this Wednesday that will fix the scan issue completely. Meanwhile you could contact their customer support for future problems: http://www.uniblue.com/support/

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