Uniblue DriverScanner Review

Outdated Drivers are often a reason for system freezes and system crashes. How often do you really check for updates to the Drivers on your Windows computer? I do not. I usually only install the new Drivers offered by Microsoft Updates.

Drivers can be updated manually, via the Device Manager. Or you could visit the hardware manufacturer’s sites to download the new drivers from the respective websites. But this has to be done manually for each Driver and can, therefore, be quite time-consuming.

Uniblue DriverScanner Review

Uniblue DriverScanner is a software that will scan your system for outdated drivers and inform you if any updates are found. Once you have downloaded and installed DriverScanner, click on the Start Scan button to start the scan.

Uniblue DriverScanner Review

Once the scan completes, you will be presented with the list of Drivers, for which updates are available. Also listed will be the existing Drivers age and Version details. The program found quite a few Drivers on my Windows 8 PC that needed to be updated!

If you click on Learn more, the software will show you details of the existing version and the new available version.

Clicking on Download all will download all the Driver updates available. But I would not recommend that.

I would instead recommend that you download and install one Driver at a time – maybe even one a day. Download and install a Driver, see if your computer runs fine for a day and if it does, download and install updates for the next driver.

This way, in case any Driver does give you any problems or cause system instability, you will be able to easily identify the problematic Driver and uninstall it or revert to a good restore point.

I suggest you click on the Update Drivers tab and download them individually. The downloaded Drivers will be saved in the following folder by default:


The scan will also tell you if it is safe to install any particular driver. This is based on their study and customer feedback. You will also see a Report button there to report problematic Drivers and an Ignore button to ignore a particular Driver in future scans.

While you can always create a system restore point manually, DriverScanner 2013 creates a system restore point every time it installs a new driver. You can see the settings under the Manage tab.

Under the Settings tab, you can fix the settings for the program. You can change Scan settings, Download settings, Proxy settings and more.

Updating drivers is always a good idea – not just for preventing freezes but also to prevent device operational problems and ensuring that they run efficiently. The more recent the driver, the better your device will run, generally speaking.

If my computer and devices are working fine, I personally do not prefer to update my Drivers, but many prefer to keep their drivers up-to-date.

For those of you who do, Driver Scanner might be the program you are looking for.

Uniblue DriverScanner download and free scan

You can visit theUniblue Store to buy and download Uniblue DriverScanner.

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