Ultimate Guide to Windows 8 Keyboard Shortcuts and their Mouse & Touch equivalents

Windows 8  with its new interface has a lot of new hotkey shortcuts along with the old ones which one is accustomed to using in Windows 7 and earlier. Now Windows 8 CP has its Mouse & Touch Gestures equivalents also. And it’s very much necessary for any user to know these shortcuts for efficient use.

There are many people who are requesting to have the Start button with Start menu back. Many a times when I first started using Windows 8, I inadvertently moved the cursor on the left bottom corner for the Start button, out of habit. So when you first start using Windows 8, you’ll start looking around trying to figure out how to access that particular feature.

Once you start using it, you’ll realize that Start Screen is much better but for that you’ll need to know various shortcuts. I’m sure as you start using it, you’ll enjoy using this new interface.

I came across a Shortcuts guide written by Mr. Derick Campbell, Director of Engineering for Microsoft Research Connections who after making much use of Windows 8 CP, experimenting and testing has written a comprehensive Windows 8 – Ultimate Shortcuts Guide.

A very nice guide highlighting many of the Keyboard shortcuts in Windows 8, plus their Mouse and Touch equivalents.

This is a must read guide for all who have just started using the Windows 8! You might also want to also check out this list of global Windows 8 Keyboard Shortcuts.

You may also want to check out our Beginners Guide to using Windows 8 on a Laptop and Tablet.

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