TweakPower lets you clean, optimize and tweak Windows OS

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  1. Is a false positive as it modifying system settings with the tweaks. If i change Bitdefender to aggressive mode it says the same.

  2. of course they get paid to promote this software and W10 thus you see it wrritten in most threads title. most of the software is also compatible with XP, 7,8

    as for the cleaning software they are all garbage and unnecessary. try to test some programs at the same time you are going to realize how they create unexistent errors to make people think your computer is dirty so people end up paying for the fu++ software

    you start the cleaning program, you think it’s clean and restart the cleaning process again and surprise… more errors in a row….
    every software will find their own errors, if they were good programs all your computer errors would match in all programs but you actually need let’s say 30 different programs to fully clean your PC… LOL

    conclusión, no sirve para nada esa mierda de programas engaña bobos.

  3. This is an impressive tool. Thanks for sharing it. It has a built in cleaner better than all other cleaners and it has the best all-in-one tweaking solution for home users. I would give 5 out of 5 stars.

  4. TweakPower is quite handy. It’s even better than most of the sharewares. Love it.
    And getting even better with every update!!!

  5. This is by far the best all in one cleaning and optimization program
    ever! I run it almost every day, and my computer keeps running smooth
    and fast. I highly recommend this product to everyone!

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