Tutorial: DIY Mini Multitouch Pad from spare parts you may have lying around!

A couple of years ago I happened upon a website dedicated to Multitouch called NUIGroup.com and a few weeks ago I happened to think about one of the simple projects that was posted on there. This project has been popular among the Multitouch users and hasn’t really spread outside of that circle except every once in a while, a site will post about it. So now it’s my turn to spread some of the knowledge.

This is a basic Do It Yourself project and at most once you have your supplies shouldn’t take no more than 30 minutes or so to complete.


  • A computer of course.
  • A webcam. My experience 99.9% of webcams will work.
  • Box; Cardboard, wooden box or any solid colored material.
  • Piece of glass/plexiglass to fit over the top of the box.
  • A piece of material such as printer paper that will fit over the glass.
  • Tape; Duct tape is a good choice but any good heavy duty tape will work.
  • Optional; Picture frame or something similar to cover the edges of the glass for looks more than any other purpose.
  • Tbeta Main Application
  • Mouse Driver Application
  • Demo Applications


  • Cut a hole big enough in the side of the box at the bottom to route your USB cord to your camera through.
  • Place the camera on the bottom of the box facing straight upwards and use some tape to hold it in place.
  • Plug the camera into your computer and adjust the focus settings to get the best picture possible.
  • Place the glass over the top of the box and place the paper over the glass. Use tape to tape around the glass to hold it in place on the box.
  • Run the TBeta application and the Mouse Driver application to adjust your settings and to make sure the setup is recognizing your hand movements.

Now it’s just a matter of downloading some of the demo applications to try out your newly created Mini Multitouch Pad.

The following is the video demo Seth Sandler, the original author, created from the start of the project to finish.

Note: From experience, using TBeta and the Mouse Driver  applications do take some getting used to. You will just need to play around with the settings till you get the hang of it.

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