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How to enable or turn on Dark Theme in Windows 10 via Settings

Windows 10 Anniversary Update v1607 now lets you easily enable or turn on the Dark Theme in Windows 10. When you do this, all UWP or Universal Windows Platform apps will use the Dark Mode. Earlier, one had to resort to a registry tweak to do it, but now, one can easily enable it via Settings. Let us see how to do it.

Turn on Dark Theme in Windows 10

From the Start Menu, open Settings and click on Personalization.

In the left panel, you will see Colors. Select this section.

Now in the settings which open, scroll down till you see Choose your app mode, with the options:

The default is Light. Select the Dark mode, and you will see the Settings app turn black right away.

When you do this, even the apps like the Windows Store app, Mail app, Calendar app, etc, will use the power-saving and easy-on-the-eyes black background. Moreover, this Dark Mode is great for low-light conditions too.

Let us know if you plan to use the dark Theme in Windows 10.

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