TuneUp Utilities Review, Download, Giveaway


  1. I don’t want to send my laptop to some fix it place far away, and that doesn’t need to happen with TuneUp Utilities. Count me in…. please.

    Guy in Vic

  2. TUneUp utilities is a well known software that help to boost the overall performance of our system. I currently using CCleaner and I think might as well give this great software a try. I am hoping that it can help me free out my disk space as what I heard it is great and remove unnessarry huge backup file on our system.

    Thank and count me in!


  3. Using CCleaner and Xleaner .
    chance is to small to get a free license i guess, i’ll let but will test it on

  4. This is a wonderful program to optimize your system helps to keep the system in good condition.

  5. Best system optimizer I have seen ever. I am using the trial for some days. I need the full vision now.. Please count me for the opportunity….

  6. the best utility i’ve used but on the trial version. now am sticking to ccleaner & auslogics free defragmenter free..it would be nice to have all in one optimization tool-tune up utilities 2013.

  7. TU 2013 est un très beau programme. Je rêve de l’avoir !!! Avec un peu de chance ? En tout cas, merci beaucoup.

  8. I`m running an old desktop that needs to be “optimized” as it begins to be very sluggish. There are a lot of programs that promise to do that, but there are few as reliable as TuneUp Utilities.
    Thanks for the giveaway and count me in please.

  9. I like to have this kind of software becaused its wellknown performance that really
    work good in the system and TuneUp Utilities can do will!…”But!…Having multiple
    utilites running in your computer is Good?..I’m worry the complication of my “RegClean Pro and MSE security essential…”or” Its good to have both TuneUp Utilities and RegClean Pro?…Thanxxx.

    http://www.Facebook / Allan M…

  10. I need TuneUp Utilities because is the best program on this class 🙂 I use this program from always. Please count me in 😉

  11. Congrats to the winners. Please see your Inbox or Junk folder in 2 days. You will see the license. 🙂

    Two of you need to mail me YOUR email IDs, within 7 days, please.

    Vincent Chandra
    Alex Bad
    Hidde IJzerman: Pls mail me YOUR email ID on thewindowsclub at hotmail dot com
    Samit Tandukar: Pls mail me YOUR email ID on thewindowsclub at hotmail dot com

  12. Reliable, recommended.. and I love the idea in the new version of showing which programs slow down my PC.. much better than arbitrarily disabling programs from starting and trying again.

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