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Add, remove, or modify Trusted Locations in Microsoft Office

Microsoft Office includes Trust Center, which contains security & privacy settings, to keep your Windows computer secure & safe. Using the File Block feature, you can prevent outdated file types or suspicious files from opening, and open them in Protected View.

There may be cases where you trust some files – especially those with with macros, data connections, ActiveX controls – completely and do not want them to be checked by Trust Center, every time you open them – or you may not want them opened in Protected View. In such cases, rather than changing the default Trust Center settings to a less-safe macro security setting, it is better to move such files to a Trusted Location.

In this post we will see how you can add, remove or modify Trusted Locations, so that files in these locations will not be checked.

Trusted Locations in Office

You can add trusted locations, in any Microsoft Office document like Access, Excel, Visio, Word and PowerPoint, by following this procedure.

Open any Office document – say Word – and click on File > Options. Next click Trust Center > Trust Center Settings > Trusted Locations.

Here you will see buttons that let you Add new location, Remove it or Modify them.

You even have options to allow Trusted Locations on your networks or disable all Trusted Locations, by checking the boxes.

Before you add any location, make sure that the new location is completely secure.