Troubleshoot Internet Explorer Problems – Microsoft Self Help


  1. i encountered not works correctly when i open the message,or if during i searching something…not displaying the image,its really not responding…pls can u help me…thank you hope u can help me…thank you..

  2. hi ive been encountered not working correctly…when i opened any masseges…its really not responding..pls try to help me. i really badlly need ur help tnx…

  3. IE8 has developed a fault on my laptop (which has XP Professional OS) which has certain parts of the frame blacked out. I tried reinstalling but same thing. Any ideas? Keith

  4. Every time I put in a search such as Voltswagen for instance I’m redirected to a site conaining VW through something like jeeves instead, HELP

  5. As I am a beginner can someone help me with a problem.Every time I click on to view National Express the web page comes up but within seconds goes back to desktop showing all icons.How can I rectify this fault.Many Thanks.

  6. when trying to play games the pages are not displaying, all sites appear to take long time loading, internet just doesnt seem to be running right?

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