Treev Chrome Extension searches all your Cloud Accounts from a Single Search Bar

Cloud services is a solution that is growing much in popularity, especially amongst SMEs. The technology increases efficiency and offers many benefits. So long as a person has internet access, he can work from anywhere. This flexibility positively affects individual’s productivity and to enhance this a step further, we have Treev – a Chrome extension.

All cloud storage services feature their own search bar to search for files and folders stored in an account. The problem here, however, lies in having to open a particular cloud storage account to find the desired item. A simple tool capable of merging all the cloud accounts and allowing you to search content stored in different cloud services together from a single webpage could save efforts. Treev allows you to quickly search for a file stored in your different cloud storage accounts, right from your Windows PC.

Search all Cloud Accounts with Treev for Chrome

To get started, install the Google Chrome extension first. Thereafter, you will notice an extension icon appearing in the top right hand corner of your browser. Click the icon and a pop-up will be displayed.

treev icon


Here, there’s one essential requirement – You need to sign in with your Google account.

After having done that, connect your cloud services’ account(s) with this extension. Use Add button available for every cloud service supported and authorize this extension to read files and folders from those accounts.


Once done, tap the ‘Sync now‘ button. You are now all set to use this extension. Enter the name of a file you would like the service to search for you. Matches instantly start appearing underneath. Chose the right one and you should find the file opening in the appropriate service.

Along with this, you will observe OPEN and COPY LINK options for every single item. OPEN option helps you view your file directly with associated cloud service account. while, COPY LINK option lets you copy the link of that file or folder to share with others.

One feature worth mentioning here is Gmail integration which makes it much easier to attach files to a message. Click the Treev icon in the Gmail Compose window, search for and select a cloud file. It is immediately added as an attachment.

Treev currently supports Google Drive, Dropbox, Box and Trello. It sure is a very useful tool, but to be successful, Treevwill have to add support for more Cloud services.

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