Transparency Tiles: Make Windows Phone tiles transparent

The latest feature included in the Windows Phone 8.1 update is the ability to choose the background behind the tiles. Now a user can easily choose a background for the start screen and it really looks awesome but something that ruins the beauty of this awesome start screen are the fixed coloured tiles like that of Music or Games. These coloured tiles do not turn transparent when they are pinned to start screen, but they remain in the same colour as they are. But there is an amazing app called Transparency Tiles, that lets you turn these tiles transparent and follow your desired background.

Transparent Tiles for Windows Phone


Are you tired of the flat green color of the Xbox Music, Video, and Games tiles, or the unappealing colors of the Nokia & HERE Tiles?  Now you can use transparency tiles.  With transparency tiles, you can pin tiles to the start screen for your favourite apps that use your theme color.  If you have Windows Phone 8.1, they’ll show your start screen background image too, if you’ve chosen one!

As the name suggests, Transparency Tiles is a Windows Phone app that lets you pin the transparent tiles of the applications like Music, Games, Videos, Here Drive, Here Maps,  and etc. The app is really very useful and it enhances the beauty of the new start screen. If you have enabled the start screen background, then the tiles will show the start screen background else they will use the theme colour as their background.

Transparency Tiles is free and supports a long list of apps, some of them are:

  • Music, Video and Games
  • Here Maps and Here Drive
  • Facebook, Twitter and most of the popular social apps
  • News, Travel, Finance, Sports, Food and Drink, Weather
  • gMaps
  • Photos
  • Shazam
  • 6tag
  • 6sec and many others.

The tiles have been designed keeping in mind the originality of the icons. Once cannot easily make out any difference between the original tile and the tiles of this app.

Here are a few features of this wonderful app

  • Support for all the popular apps.
  • Easy to use interface
  • Original Icons
  • Complete blending with the Start Screen
  • All sized tiles are supported
  • Regular updates and support for new apps

Unfortunately, the app doesn’t support OneDrive, Office, and OneNote for now. But the team is working hard to introduce these apps very soon. Transparency Tiles is a must have app if you are bored of those fixed coloured tiles. The app adds an extra punch to the new features of Windows 8.1 and moreover it beautifies the start screen.

Click here to download Transparency Tiles from the Windows Phone Store. It supports all three sizes, including Wide.

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    How can I restore the original non-transparent tiles?

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