Translate web pages instantly with Microsoft Translator Bookmarklet

Microsoft has released a Translator Bookmarklet for web browsers, that can be added to your browsers favorites bar and use to translate web pages in foreign languages on the fly. Moreover, the translation takes place on the same page, without leaving the page with the help of this light-weight, java script, cross-browser plugin.

Microsoft Translator Bookmarklet

All you need to do is visit the Microsoft Translator Bookmarklet site, select the language you want webpages to be be translated to and drag-and-drop the bookmarklet onto your bookmarks or favorites bar.

Now the next time you visit any foreign language page, simply click on the bookmarklet. The bookmarklet will identify the foreign language and automatically translate it in your desired language.

The bookmarklet supports 36 languages and you can go here to get the Bookmarklet.

Internet Explorer, Firefox and Safari users may find this bookmarklet to be of great use, especially if you visit websites in foreign languages frequently.

If you are a Chrome user, you may not find much use for it as this browser already has this functionality in-built.

Google too offers what it calls as Translation Browser Buttons. These too, add a translation browser button to your browser’s Links Toolbar to translate web pages or pieces of text with a single click.

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