Transfer open tabs from Firefox to Chrome and vice versa

Sometimes when you open multiple tabs in a browser, it ‘chokes’. Although most may not prefer to have too many open tabs open, there could be instances where you may require to have multiple tabs opened in the browser. In such a scenario, you could find your browser acting sluggish or slowing down to a crawl. What about having an add-on that could simply “transport” the additional load to another web browser? Pause for a moment and check out the Open in Chrome and  Open with Firefox add-ons.

Open In Chrome: Transfer open tabs from Firefox to Chrome

Open in Chrome is a Firefox add-on that is a great idea. It migrates all opened tabs from Mozilla Firefox to Google Chrome. Nothing fancy or extremely advanced, but a simple tool that helps you transfer a single or all currently opened tabs from Firefox to Chrome browser.

If you find you have no issues with Firefox and it satisfies your browser needs to a great extent if not completely, good! For those, who do not mind trying new add-ons, try Open in Chrome once.

How does this Open in Chrome extension work? Simply add it to your Firefox browser and restart the browser. Once installed, a small icon as shown in the screen-shot below becomes visible.

Transfer open tabs from Firefox to Chrome

Now, when you have a tab opened in Firefox but would like to open it in the Chrome browser, left-click the icon once and you should see it opened in Chrome in no time.

At first, I thought this works only when you have Chrome already opened. Not so! This is a plus point of the add-on as a user like me rarely prefers to have 2 browsers open at the same time.

Selecting either Open All tabs in Google Chrome or Open Current tab in Google Chrome, will bring Chrome to life with the link/s already opened.

Open in Chrome 3

During my brief time with it, I found there’s an entry for it in the Tools menu in addition to the Toolbar icon.

Something I would like to see or expect in the future releases of Open In Chrome:

  1. More options to customize icon
  2. Reversal of the trend i.e. an add-on for Chrome to move active tab(s) over to Firefox.

Go get it here.

Open with Firefox: Transfer open tabs from Chrome to Firefox

Christophe on Facebook, tipped us that you can use Open with Firefox extension for Chrome. There is also another extension named Open with external application that lets you open the current link with any other application including Firefox and Opera web browsers.

If you have used any of these extension for a while, share your experiences with us in the comments section below.

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