Transfer installed programs from one Windows computer to another


  1. Awesome application tested this now and you really did a grate job in suggesting an use full software it is working fine for me i transferred PS to one of my friends PC successfully 🙂

  2. Then why post about it? How do you know it’s not malware, doesn’t work or hoses one of your readers systems?
    Just my opinion.

  3. P.S I appreciate your great work on this site, i just don’t see how you can endorse something you don’t know.

  4. Very convoluted method of getting to the beta software. Followed directions. Able to login to PickMeApp site, and only able to download htm, not the binary file. (My firewall is not blocking this.) Annoying as “heck.”

  5. You cannot rely on PickmeApp to reproduce the original install location or the start menu structure if it has been manually categorised.

    It seems PickmeApp reinstalls captured programs with default install settings, ignoring the original settings. Start menu entries are created in the root of the start menu. I tried 3 programs- while they all ran, the original locations were not reproduced.

  6. Fantastic, had to transfer a program I brought to a new computer but could not access the original installation file. Ran the process and the transfer went brilliantly, program even shows in Start Menu (Win 7 64) Just be very careful when installing PickMeApp because all of the installation defaults are for shopware and adware. Cancel and decline buttons are greyed out but actually work. Use them!

  7. so does this transfer my Adobe Lightroom, my Corel video and Photo editing programs or what are you talking about??-please be very specific about, what you mean by programs.

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