Transfer Contacts, Email, Social Accounts to Windows Phone from old Phone

Don’t want to write the contacts all over again on your new Windows Phone? Well, Windows Phone provides some hassle free ways to transfer contacts from an old phone onto your new Windows Phone within minutes. Depending on where the contacts are stored, here are some ways to get them.


Getting contacts from a SIM card

Windows Phone imports contacts from a SIM card, which are then saved on the phone memory. If you have Microsoft Account, these contacts are then imported into it. Here’s how to get contacts from a SIM card:

Step One: Enter a SIM card containing contacts into your phone.

Step Two: Press the Start (Windows) button and then open People hub.

Step Three: Tap More (three dots at the bottom), then tap Settings.

Step Four: Tap Import SIM contacts.

Step Five: Tap Import to import all the contacts at once.


Step Six: If you want selective contacts tap Clear, then select your contacts and tap Import.

Transfer contacts from an iPhone, Blackberry, Android, to Windows Phone

There is a much better way than copying the contacts from an old phone to a SIM and then importing them onto your new phone. Transfer my Data is an app from Nokia which is a quick and easy way of copying contacts from almost any phone (iOS, Android, Symbian, BlackBerry, Windows Phone and other). Here’s how to get them,

Step One: Download and install Transfer my Data from Windows Phone Store.

Step Two: Switch on the Bluetooth of your Windows Phone as well as the old phone that you wish to transfer the contacts from.


Step Three: Open Transfer My Data app from the app list.


Step Four: Begin the process of pairing the two devices.

Step Five: The old phone will ask for a permission to pair it with the Windows Phone. Grant it.


Step Six: It will show the number of contacts on your old phone, then tap the start button.


Note: The copying process will start. Make sure you don’t navigate away from the screen.

Step Seven: After copying is completed. Go to People hub to get your contacts.

Transfer contacts from Email accounts or Social Network accounts to Windows Phone

The contacts stored on an email accounts such as Outlook, Google, Microsoft Office 365 or even social network accounts like Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn can be imported into your phone. Here’s how to do that,

Step One: Go to Settings in the app list, then tap Email + accounts.

Step Two: Tap Add an account and select an email account or social network, it can be,

  • Microsoft Account
  • Hotmail
  • Outlook
  • Google
  • Yahoo Mail
  • Microsoft Exchange
  • Office 365
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • LinkedIn

Step Three:  Enter Email address and password, then tap Sign In.

Note: For Google account, it will ask whether you just want to set up email or import contacts or calendar entries along with it. Tap Email, contacts and calendar, then tap Sign In.

Getting contacts onto a phone from an old phone or from an online accounts was never so easy. Windows Phone 8 makes it as easy as a pie, thanks to the integrated features and third party apps.

Have a look at the PhoneSwappr app too!

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