Is the traditional PC really being killed off?

Yesterday, I read an article claiming Apple is killing off the traditional desktop and after reading the article and the comments that followed, I decided I would throw in my two cents.


The title of the article was, Apple is killing the traditional PC faster than you think. When I read the article only a part of the title rang true to me, the traditional PC. After that, the article got pretty far from being anything I thought true.

I do believe that the traditional PC, as we know it, is going to come to an end. You wouldn’t have to be a genius to know this. As technology progresses of course it will change.

Do I believe Apple is killing the PC, of course not, it would be absurd to think so. Do I agree Apple is going to kill off their own PC, yes I do. They are overpriced, not the greatest to work with and will never sell as well as the Windows desktop PC.

For anyone to believe that the traditional PC is going to be killed off, you would need to look at all the variables involved. While Tablets, Laptops, Notebooks and Netbooks are portable and easily traveled compared to a traditional PC, they do not have the capacity to handle to the full extent of what a desktop PC can handle. You have screen size, keyboard and mouse, graphics, physical media and take away the manual labor and you have the majority of the workforce in the world that sits behind a desk and types away at a desktop PC.  While this is not the full list of advantages a traditional desktop PC has over portable computers, it is enough to get the general idea of just how attached the world is to the desktop.

One thing that I remember when they came out was Flash Drives and the claims they would kill physical media. Here we are today and physical media still remains a large part of the home even beyond the PC. You have install cdr\DVD, music cdr, photo cdr, movies on DVD and DVDs used for storage. What does the tablet not have, built-in hardware to deal with physical media. To remove physical media you would be looking at more than just the traditional PC but to other household media players as well  as stereos, DVD players, portable DVD players and portable CD players. Though there are offerings that give people a choice to use physical media or digital, it’s still here and going strong.

I do believe as technology progresses that desktops will become more compact, screens take up less space but the traditional keyboard and mouse in all honesty is integrated so much into computing it would be fool hardy to think it’s going anywhere anytime soon or even during my lifetime.

Yes, I agree the iPad has been very successful. Anyone that denies it is in denial, but to think that the iPad and anything similar to it at its current state would be a full replacement for the traditional PC is laughable. I personally find the screen size only good for quick viewing, not good to watch movies on or anything related to what I do with a traditional PC. Consumers like the portability but I would wager that the majority will tell you that they have some sort of traditional PC they go home to.

Companies such as HP are already giving us a glimpse of where they are taking the traditional PC with their All-In-One line of PCs. With an All-In-One you have the ability to keep your larger screen size as well as keyboard and mouse while removing the big clunky computer tower.  All in all even the weight of the All-In-Ones are getting lighter making them easier to move around the home.

In closing, to think that Apple is going to kill off the traditional PC is reaching. It will take a lot more than just Apple to remove the traditional PC from the market. Though companies are pushing forward and making changes to the traditional PC, the Traditional PC is still here for a long time. I do believe that where we are heading in the near future are replacements for the traditional Notebooks, Laptops and Netbooks where more users wanting the portable PC will turn to more portable items such as the iPad.

What do you think? Where do you see the PCs going in future?

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The author, Lee Whittington, loves to use his learned talents to write software as a hobby. He also also enjoys playing with Photoshop and is a serious Windows, Software, Gadgets & a Tech news buff. Lee has studied Visual Basic, C++ and Networking.


  1. japp

    I agree with you 🙂

  2. Luis Matoso

    Anyone who believe that a tablet is killing or being a substitute for a PC is completely out of this world. Not for consumers and for work it´s almost useless

  3. It’s hyperbole to illustrate that computing has hit it’s latest inflection point. First computers went from large mainframes to minis and companies like DEC & DG sprung up while Mainframe makers adapted or died. Then we went from the Mini (e.g., VAX) to the desktop PC and companies like Dell & Compaq grew and mini makers adapted or died (mostly died). We are now at the cusp of the shift from desktops and laptops to mobile phones and tablets. While the Desktop may never fully die (they are still the best tool for certain functions especially in corporations) They are going to be a lot less prevalent and important as they have been the last 2 decades.

  4. grassBlade

    I hope you’re right (because I’m getting old and finding my hand/eye coordination doesn’t allow me to play/work on laptops, etc.) Two things, however, worry me: clouds (for mass storage) and an insane wish to have a keyboard installed in my left forearm and a screen on my eyeglasses.

  5. Xi

    Not only Bcoz of Apple, but also bcoz of IT firms. They are giving a laptop for every employee for working at home. This makes all people to shift from PC to Notebooks. And now notebooks contributed to gaming are more and that makes gaming people to shift from PC to high-end laptops. If PC manufacturers come with much more energy-efficient models than current models, it may give a small boost. Bcoz most people nowadays like notebooks bcoz of saving power. And if the hardware in PC are weightless & compact(very small in size), then it’ll give a bigger boost to PC!

  6. jimsing59

    It’s all about ergonomics. A desktop computer is a lot easier to use and feels more comfortable than even a seventeen inch laptop computer IMHO.

  7. lulz

    u iz an eedyit!

  8. Gary

    I do believe the iPad is a very poor substitute for a PC, and personally do not see an important need for one when my cell phone will do everything on of these will do. As far as the best PC replacement in my eye, I am surprised PC’s have not been fully intergated into TV’s. They are in a perfect position to replace many desktops with some added ports, a wiresless keyboard and mouse. I can see a giant market for these. I have seriously thought of incorporating a computer into my RV’s TV just to get the laptop off the dinning table, and turning the TV into a media center as well. Now there’s a future

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