Track your web traffic sources to know more about your blog visitors

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  1. Google Analytics is great. But if you have disabled javascript, it wont be able to track that traffic. So it may show a lower traffic.

    AWStats are server level stats and they are rather accurate. But they have one drawback. They also track and count the Bots.So they tend to be a bit on the higher side.

    Alexa has its limitations as it tracks only those who have installed the Alexa tool bar! Now the Alexa toolbar is not compatible with Internet Explorer 7 & 8, and hence it misses this traffic. Also this toolbar is mostly installed by webmasters and bloggers and hence you see SEO, Blogging tips sites having a higher Alexa ranking. Moreover this toolbar is relatively popular in select countries like USA, India, etc only. So unless you have a lot of bloggers too visiting your website, you may not see a high Alexa rank!

    Just my two bits 😉

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