TouchMail, an exclusive way to manage your Emails on Windows 8.1

Since the release of Windows 8.1, I have been using Microsoft’s Windows 8 Mail App – a remarkable platform to manage my emails on my device. But, recently I came across another visually beautiful mailing app called TouchMail.

TouchMail review

1. Unique Layout

TouchMail presents your emails in form of live colorfully designed tiles. Apart from it, this app gives a 3D visual enhancements to your emails which involves color coding of the tiles, adding profile pictures or logos to specific mails (which comes from specific senders or belongs to a specific category).

TouchMail review

TouchMail works perfectly with variables screen size and hence allows you to work and check emails side-by-side. Additionally, you can perform zoom-in and zoom-out to adjust the view of emails as per your need.

2. Add, Sync and Manage Accounts

TouchMail allows you to add, manage and sync your accounts directly from the tab in the upper right corner.

Add, Manage and Sync Accounts

Click on Add an Account to add a new account.

Screenshot (77)

Click on Sync Now to sync your mails together in a go.

Screenshot (79)

Click on Manage Accounts to manage your email accounts from the Charms Bar Menu.


3. Support to Email Providers 

TouchMail supports Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo Mail, Office 365 and many other IMAP email providers.

4. Easy to Delete and Select mails 

You have to just push the desired mail tile up in order to Delete the mail directly and swipe the tile down or right click to Select your preferred email.

5. Notifications for New Mail

TouchMail offers push notifications on arrival of a new mail. Even, the app distinguishes a new mail by a colored boundary around the tile.

COlor distinguished New Mail

6. Filter Emails on a click 

You can filter your emails based on unread, tasks, file attachments, high priority, and ranges of date.

Screenshot (80)

7. Select senders from App Bar 

You can filter mails based on type of senders. Click on the app bar to select you preferred sender or on the VIPs icon to do the same.

Select sender from App bar

8. Group Emails 

You can group your emails in the inbox, sent, trash or outbox based on time, type of sender or conversation.

Group Emails

9. System Support

TouchMail works efficiently with any Windows 8.1 devices & PCs and also enables you to explore the colorfully visual tiles with your fingers or mouse.


  • Unlike Windows Mail, you cannot add many accounts with this app as TouchMail allows you to manage only 3 accounts all together.
  • Windows Mail supports both the POP3 and IMAP email providers but TouchMail is limited to only IMAP email providers.

Video in Action

The developers of TouchMail, Matthew Carlson, has introduced this immersive app in the following video. Check it out!

Get TouchMail today and start experiencing a new way to manage your emails across your Windows devices! It is a free app which gives you a great experience – although its missing a few important pieces.  You can download from the Windows Store.

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