Torch Web Browser – A Browser for Heavy Torrent Downloaders

There are many web browsers tailored to meet most of your needs but only few are capable of managing torrent download tasks well, without requiring to download any additional software. That’s why we have a new entry here in the browser warfare – Torch Web Browser. Torch Browser is a truly a media powerhouse. The simple browser has a built-in torrent feature to download files in minutes. Along with the torrent client, it includes a media grabber (audio/video) too.

Torch Web Browser

The simple, Chromium based browser upon launch, displays a window that provides you with a familiar browsing interface and grants access to the enhanced features of the browser from the address bar buttons.

Torch Interface

You can find support for Chrome web store, included. Hence, you get all of the great extensions and web applications available for Chrome.

chrome web store

Towards the right-top corner you can see a torrent client, a media grabber and an easy sharing tool.

Torrent Client in Torch browser

The Torrent client lets you manage your torrent downloads easily without moving away from your browser. If you click on the Torrent button, a new tab pops up that displays a bunch of basic Torrent features.



If you are the kind of person only torrent once in a while, then you should find this tool, built right in to the browser of some use. Here, you can view info, peers, files, trackers, and more.

Media Grabber

The media grabber is another interesting feature of this browser. It lets you download music and video from across the web. you can easily grab and save music or a video of your choice without having to use external software. It cannot grab media from Vimeo, though.

During my test, I played JLO’s ‘On the floor’ song and noticed the ‘audio’ (media) button blinking, prompting me to hit it to download he song right away.

add audio

And it did work! My song was downloaded in minutes and ready to be played from the saved location. See the screen shot below.

downloading music

Easy Sharing

With this feature, you can share the sites or search results with your friends on Facebook or Twitter. All you need to do is click on the desired button to add your account and select the ‘share’ option. Remember, you won’t be able to see your notifications feed or posts. The feature is solely for sharing a though or link quickly.


Torch web browser is a simple browser, not amazingly different from the likes of Chrome or Firefox, but with some useful extras to manage media and social networking activities well.

Please note that the browser takes long for downloading the installation files. Plus, it creates a shortcut for Facebook and YouTube websites, automatically without your consent.

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  1. Rob54

    Torch can handle a lot of downloads at the same time, which is great for media-fanatics like me! Do you also offer the latest version for download? It could be nice.
    Thanks a lot man!

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