Top 5 Innovative Wireless Mouse for your Windows Computer

Having a Laptop is great when one is traveling but using touch pad is not a very comfortable thing, esp when one is gaming or engaged in intensive work. These Wireless Mouse are some of the best available currently, in my opinion – great for your Windows Laptops and Desktops too.

1: Logitech Anywhere MX

The Logitech Anywhere MX mouse lacks that wireless receiver placeholder, it has a small Nano receiver, which means you can’t hypothetically leave it in your laptop all the time. It has a feature of Dark field Laser Tracking Technology, which can be used on almost any surface, including marble and glass.  It is quite handy while traveling.

Logitech Anywhere MX wireless mouse

Pros: effortless mouse using, can be used on (almost) all surfaces, has Hyper-fast scrolling

Cons: A bit small in size, no place to put the receiver.

Price: Logitech Anywhere MX: $60.

2: Verbatim Adjust Go Easy Riser Nano Laser Mouse:

The Adjust Go Easy Riser Nano Laser Mouse doesn’t have many problems, but it has two important features for traveler, it has a wireless receiver placeholder and it’s unbelievably light. If you’re having too many weights on your bag or luggage then you can select this Wireless mouse to make yourself free from weight.

Verbatim Adjust Go Easy Riser Nano Laser Mouse

Pros: Incredibly light, wireless, nano USB receiver, receiver placeholder.

Cons: Slow scrolling, no programmable buttons.

Price: Verbatim Adjust Go Easy Riser Nano Laser Mouse: $25.

3: Saitek Eclipse Touch Mouse:

This Eclipse Touch Mouse from Saitek is a good choice for wireless mouse while traveling, if you have built-in Bluetooth in your laptop. If you don’t have an in-built Bluetooth then, you’re going to need to pick up an external Bluetooth receiver, and there is no placeholder for one of those in the Eclipse. But if you’re toting that built-in Bluetooth, you will feel good to work with your laptop with this sleek, slim mouse that replaces the scroll wheel with a touch pad.

Saitek Eclipse Touch Mouse

Pros: Cool design, fun to use.

Cons: Touchpad can go a bit haywire when scrolling fast, doesn’t come with Bluetooth receiver.

Price: Saitek Eclipse Touch Mouse: $45.

4: Genius Traveler 900 Mouse:

The Genius Traveler 900 is an exact kind of traveler’s mouse since it is scaled-down in size and it comes with a receiver placeholder that locks beneath the body of the mouse. Since it’s an optical mouse, you may have trouble using it on some surfaces. But having a mouse with no worry of losing the receiver is quite good in feature.

Genius Traveler 900 wireless Mouse

Pros: Comfortable, Pico receiver, receiver placeholder.

Cons: Difficulty using on some surfaces, no programmable buttons.

Price: Genius Traveler 900 Mouse: $20.

5: Microsoft Arc Touch Wireless Mouse:

This wireless mouse works on Bluetooth technology. Apart from its unique design it will be smooth for working on the Laptop Computers and you should connect its Bluetooth dongle to work with that. Microsoft Arc Mouse is very easy to hold, carry, operate and keep it firmly on any surface.
Pros: This mouse powers off when it laid flat on the table and when user bend the mouse it powers up. There is no wheel to scroll but there is a silver strip, where you can move your finger up and down to scroll.

Cons: It might take at least 2 days for you to adjust to this mouse and except this I can’t find any cons in this mouse.

Price: Microsoft Arc Touch Wireless Mouse: $35.

So, if you are a hardcore Laptop user and you want to carry a wireless mouse, then choose one of these Mouse. But if you think some other mouse deserves to be included in this list, please do share in the comments.

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  1. Biggerstaff

    The Logitec MX Anywhere wireless mouse does have a slot to secure the receiver under the battery cover. Just slide it off and put the receiver in the slot designed for it.

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