These are the top HoloLens competitors that could steal the market from Microsoft

A recent report claims Microsoft is not ready to release HoloLens for public consumption, and we can understand that seeing as the product is far from ready. The report claims Microsoft is planning to release the third version of HoloLens for developers in 2019 with no date for a consumer version.

In many ways, we can say this is a great thing. We don’t want to see Microsoft launch a new product that is not ready for prime time. But there are several competing products out there, and as such, we are left wondering which one could take the reins and become the main consumer product should Microsoft fail to bring HoloLens to market early enough.

First, we need to talk about what is HoloLens, the little headset that could change the world. For those who are unaware, HoloLens is an augmented reality device that is capable of delivering Mixed Reality.

It’s where holograms are placed in the real world, and where we can interact with them. The execution here differs from virtual reality where the real world is removed from sight in favor of a virtual one.

The device in its current form is being sold for $3,000. Anyone can buy it, but Microsoft, for now, is targeting developers. It will take some time for the software giant to find the means to release it for consumers at a price that is affordable.

HoloLens competitors

Now, let’s look at some of the competitors that are capable of giving HoloLens a run for its money. Competitors that could beat Microsoft to market, ultimately becoming the main augmented reality product.

Meta One

When we take a look at Meta One, it’s the same as HoloLens in more ways than one. The main difference from our standpoint is the company behind the product doesn’t have money to create a quality product when compared to Microsoft.

That shouldn’t be an issue for long, but for now, Microsoft is ahead, and its product is powered by Windows 10, the newest desktop operating system.

Magic Leap

HoloLens competitors

By now we should all have heard of Magic Leap. It’s a company that came out swinging in the mixed reality department as the main competitor to Microsoft’s HoloLens. However, things took a bad turn when it was revealed that Magic Leap’s technology was in no way on par with what the company showcased in videos on the web.

Of course, these are allegations, but we’ve seen nothing since then to prove otherwise. No matter the case, Magic Leap could rise from this little problem to become the first major augmented reality brand to hit the market.

Google Glass

When the first Google Glass product was released for developer consumption years ago, many thought it was the future. It was exciting since we’ve never seen anything like it. But then the excitement died down and the product went back into the hole from whence it came.

Nevertheless, note that Google is not giving up and as such, the industry should expect the search giant to come back swinging in the near future with a replacement.

Microsoft should be wary because Google has a better track record when it comes down to executing well. Microsoft does not want to be caught off guard and left to pick up the scraps.

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  1. lovethetech

    I doubt if any of them is in any way near Hololens strengths.

  2. Alireza Sheikh Mohammadi

    I just hope Microsoft won’t make the same mistakes as they did with WP and lose the market to other companies.

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