Top 5 Social Media Services Windows Phone Apps

Windows Phone already has many social media integration features in it by default but there are some must have apps available at marketplace to download and use for free. Here are my personal favorite Social Media services apps which are used to easily access them using your Windows Phone.

1. Facebook: For social media lovers like me Facebook is the second home and everyone want to stay connected to it whether moving or staying away from PC. Windows Phone users are using Facebook app to stay connected and manage there Facebook profile.

2. YouTube: Watching videos online while traveling using your mobile device is such a pleasure. With YouTube App for Windows Phone  you can search videos, watch videos, share and upload them also.

3. Twitter: If you are addict to say all your things within 140 characters and you have a fascinating Windows Phone with you then all you need is Twitter app for your phone.

4. Need new music on the go? Get endless personalized radio, concert recommendations, and quickly look up music with on your Windows Phone.

5. Netfilx: Get Netflix on your Windows Phone. Just download this free app and you can instantly watch TV shows & movies streaming from Netflix.

Clicking on the links will direct your Zune software to the app page.

Do you have any recommendations? Please do share with us.

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