Top 5 paid Internet Security Suites for Windows


  1. hello,
    personaly am using avast internet security right now and am very satisfied
    i used before many antiviruses like kaspersky internet security , norton ( 360 and internet security) ,avira premium security,
    but i chose avast because i found it
    1- very light on the system particularly in boot time ,
    2- few annoying adv
    3- easy and simple in use
    4- effectevness in removing viruses and get the pc back to normal
    5- i liked boot time scaning feature too much that scan the system before boot or start
    6- IM shield is special feature that scan IM applicathions like yahoo messenger ,,,,,,
    thnx 🙂

  2. Yup Avast is awesome . Even if you compare Avast free Home Edition with Microsoft Security Essential you will find avast is way ahead.
    Comparing norton is not good their products are really take huge system resources.
    What about total securities ? like Bitdefender Total Security ? Panda Global/Total Security ?
    & Nitin where are the indian security softwares in your list ? are they in first ten ? Like Quick Heal Total Security , Net Protector & the one @ low cost K7 Total Security ?

    I think from all Eset Smart Security is on top , its really Best of Best .

    @ Anand would we get any giveaway for Eset Smart Security Licences ?

  3. Norton Internet Security 2011 for me. I have multiple computers and clients and have tried all of these at one time or another. I use it instead of Windows Security Essentials 2.0 (free) which I believe is better than all of the others listed.

    SilverGoldi, your comment about Norton is not true. Check with task manager, I have.

  4. The only times that I’ve been infected, I’ve had either Nod32 or Kaspersky installed. In these (multiple) incidents, they each told me not to worry while others (at VirusTotal) alerted that it was malware. I listened to them, got infected, and regretted it. Now? Not so much. I’m sticking with Norton. Don’t much like the Norton firewall though. Private Firewall, IMHO, is much better.

  5. Where is Avira? I do not use suites, but based on 3rd party testing it seems that Avira’s absence is a glaring oversight.

  6. I don’t use an “internet security” suite, although I have used Steganos IS in the past and found it remarkably useful. That German company seems to be ignored by U. S. sites, but I trust the foreign companies more the U.S firms, for sure. Steganos has a fine anonymizer service, which seems essential nowadays, and it also seems to be connected in some way to AVG, and I find AVG A-V/A-S together with Windows firewall sufficient
    Norton’s is too tied to the interactive cloud thing; I don’t trust what is being sent from my PCs to the giant amoeba U.S. fascist corporations

  7. I also use Avast Security Suite. The sandbox feature puts it ahead of the competition in my opinion. Plus it is light on resources and does not effect response time of my computer and programs. I think I like your picks above except I would replace Panda and Bitdefender with Avast Security Suite and F-Secure. Panda is fine for some but I found it not to like Google Chrome browser and there are a few more false positives than I am ok with, but otherwise it is a nice product. Bitdefender is way too buggy for me and the customer support and service is not anywhere close to what top products should offer. F-Secure should be listed in my opinion. It uses the Bitdefender scanning engine and signatures. But it also uses an in-house engine and behavior monitor which work very well. That allows F-Secure to catch a higher amount of malware than Bitdefender. Also, F-secure was recently named the AV-Comparatives Product of the Year which is a very prestigious award.

  8. According to my opinion Bitdefender and Kaspersky internet security are the best security solutions.I am currently using Bitdefender total security 2011 and i am happy with it.It has a lot of features for system optimization too.
    Only one problem is that it slows down my download speed a bit.
    Please apart from that it is very good security program.

  9. Well, if you hadn’t written “paid,” I was going to take issue with this article. But your having done that, it turns out to have been a pretty good article.

    The only thing I would want the reader to know is that the freeware COMODO INTERNET SECURITY (CIS) is in the same league with these paid products. In fact, in independent studies, its firewall was second only to Kaspersky’s, and even then, only in certain areas. CIS’s firewall actually out-performed Kaspersky’s in a few areas.

    CIS’s “Defense+” Hosts Intrusion Protection System (HIPS) is also right up there with the big boys. Only its anti-virus component was weak for a while, but that’s no longer true, either.

    And unlike most freeware anti-virus products, CIS is not the crippled version of a commercial product. Granted, there’s a commercial/business version, but it actually came second… and doesn’t really have anything to do with the freeware version, to speak of.

    I’m not saying that the five choices in this article aren’t superb. They are. All I’m saying is that before anyone plops down the money for one of the commercial products listed in this article, on owes it to oneself to check-out CIS… to at least just check it out.

    I’ve actually stopped using any of the commercial products.

    I have CIS on my machine.

    I augment it with the freeware versions of SuperAntiSpyware and Malware Bytes, and do a manual whole system scan with one of them one week, then the other the other week, and so on. (Confession: Okay, I now use the commercial/fee-based version of SuperAntiSpyware, which provides realtime monitoring, but it’s not because I bought it. I got myself a lifetime license in a negotiation over a screw-up on SuperAntiSpyware’s part, and they gave me the license to, I guess, make it up to me or someting. So, of course, I use it. But my point is that I’d be just as happy with the freeware version. The commercial version isn’t necessary.)

    I also use the freeware Spyware Blaster which simply “innoculates” the browser (through registry entries) so that if the browser hits a bad site which tries to secretly download something, it will likely be blocked by what Spyware Blaster put in the registry. Spyware Blaster doesn’t monitor anything in realtime; id doesn’t scan anything. It just innoculates. Launch it. Update its database. Tell it to protect against everything in said database. Then close it. Do it maybe twice a month. Simple as that.

    I also use a freeware ad-blocking browser helper object (or plug-in), one for IE8 and another for Firefox and Chrome.

    And I use a HOSTS file and HostsMan (with its system tray server) to run and manage it.

    By using these combined tools — every one of them free — NOTHING has broken through. Not one single thing. In YEARS. Not one thing.

    So, why, then, do I need to pay for a commercial product? That’s my attitude.

    I dunno if that actually HELPED anyone…

    …but, hey, I certainly feel better! [grin]

    Gregg L. DesElms
    Napa, California USA
    gregg at greggdeselms dot com

  10. Thanks for sharing this post and the details on top 5 internet security suites and their new features. It is really important to have a proper internet security solution in place to protect your computer from increasing web threats. I have used many internet security suites, however, always had bad experience. So after doing research on it, I started using hardware firewall along with internet security suites. Both of these together (internet security suite & hardware firewall) give my computer complete internet security and prevents form increasing web threats like spamming, identity theft, data loss and more.

  11. Have for some time and continue to prefer Kaspersky Internet Security of which 2011 is the latest version. Has always done me proud/worked very well.

  12. Avira and Avast are the best by far.Those top 5 above you have ‘chosen’ use far too many resources
    .Free security software is now the best (I have tried all of them,paid & free).
    e.g, I use Comodo free firewall and Avast free anti-virus on my 10 year old pc and it has never been faster! I would use Avira free except for the nag screen.

  13. @Scott Gregory “I don’t trust what is being sent from my PCs to the giant amoeba U.S. fascist corporations” You speak well of Germany for some reason. Is this the same Germany that was bailed out of fascism by the US?

  14. i like ESET alot better than norton. norton slowed my pc so much i’m surprised i got any work done. ESET lets me work with no backup or slowdown. quarantine and stopping some trojans. norton wouldn’t do that at all.

  15. I had norton and kaspersky and both slowed down my pc while detecting some threats that did not exist.Recently i instal led eset smart security 4 which is by far the best internet suite i have ever used, you can see the results at;-)

  16. Sink one month I install Kaspersky at the place of Avira (all two payd version) and today Malwarebyte discovery 23 troyan horses in mine computer, mine surprise was big because I’m not a person that download from Internet, not messenger and mine antivirus parameters are correctly.

  17. I have 3 Panda applications and I cannot get any type of response for a service issue-Yes, I am changing

  18. 1. Eset, the easiest of all security products to crack. It’s all over the Internet. Marketing idea for a mass adoption from users or simply stupid security suite. Says a lot about security. And secondly, I really don’t need my antivirus and/or firewall to get so deep into my system that it can even control baterry life.

    2. Haven’t tried Kaspersky.

    3. Norton. Meh, it’s from Symantec. Everything Symantec touches or acquaires, destroys. Almost any third party company bought, its products got discontinued or got worse. Security? Symantec got hacked, got its source codes hacked, got its third party apps hacked, blah.

    4. Panda. Opens up and runs about 7 different services in your Windows System, depending on its configuration. Way to go.

    5. BitDefender. Haven’t tried it lately.

  19. the best internet security is comodo cis, the free one!! period!.. If you are ignorant in security suite probably you will believe in their advertisments, try it your self before you decide that bit defender and kaspersky are the best…hahaha av+firewall = internet security.. the best firewall is comodo firewall. comodo av has high detection rate than avast, avira, avg and panda. So why are you puzzled with this prob.??haha use your coconut shells men!! ^_^

  20. Avast is awesome..!!
    Rest all like norton and kaspersky are heavy to processor, and randomly deletes stuffs..!

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