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Basic OneNote tutorials for beginners to get started

In few last posts of mine, I have been talking about Microsoft Office OneNote 2010 continuously. Now here is my list of top basic OneNote tutorials and tips which will help you use Microsoft Office OneNote more efficiently.

OneNote tutorials for beginners

1. In Office OneNote, creating Table is so easy. To create tables, simply type some text and press TAB.

2. To use Calculator: Type Space after “=”  in expressions. For example 321*45+876=

3.  Try Page Templates in the New Page drop-down menu. Make your own templates for meetings or projects or customize an existing one according to your need.

4. Record audio of a meeting, synchronize it with your notes or drag in audios or videos onto your pages to add them instantly to your Notebooks.

5. Protect sensitive information such as Bank account information, web site logins, private journal, etc. Just Right-click on Section tab > and click on Password Protect.

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Do let me know if you have something to share.

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