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There is a special bonding between Microsoft and Students community. We all know what Microsoft does to support students, whether it is organizing events, providing heavy discounts on products, distributing tonnes of free software, funding and sponsoring world level competitions, free books, Microsoft Student Program and providing on-campus placements.

Most useful websites for Students

Microsoft also makes their best tech gurus always available for students. They provide new tips and information time to time and share there experiences with students, via many specialized communities and websites.

Microsoft at Home is a special website dedicated to provide information to end users related to new Microsoft products, latest offers and various general tips & tricks to make their computing experience easier, simple & secure. Recently Microsoft published a list of top 14 websites for students which can be very helpful for students to gather more and more information related to their studies.

This list was included in Microsoft Home Magazine and later shared on Microsoft at home website by Marc Saltzman. These websites are categorized according to different educational streams, like some website’s provides information which is helpful for engineering students whereas some are helpful for students studying literature.

Here is the complete list of websites:

  • Information Literacy
  • ipl2
  • Refdesk
  • Fact Monster
  • Microsoft Download Center
  • Microsoft Student Experience
  • FreeTranslation
  • Project Gutenberg
  • Internet History Sourcebook Project
  • Shakespeare Online
  • Science Made Simple
  • HowStuffWorks

More details: Microsoft at Home.

Have a look at some of the Most Useful Websites on the Internet too.

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