Top 10 Windows Phone 7 apps

The Windows Phone MarketPlace now offers more than 12000 apps and games, which many more appearing every day. Here is our list of 10 most useful Windows Phone 7 apps:


1.  Beez for Twitter: Twitter has changed the way you interact with your peers. It is a revolutionary Social networking engine. Available for all devices that operate under Windows Phone 7, the Twitter app Beezz is the slickest of all having Tile and Toast notifications. The tweet window automatically pops up upon the phone being shaken anywhere from the application. With all site features available on this app, it surely defines ‘power in your hand’.


2. Facebook: The all new Facebook app for the Windows  Phone 7 platform is a delight to work with. The new version of this app is lot faster with better scrolling features and switch-between-screen abilities. Unlike earlier times where users had to touch a small specific part of notification to open it, this app allows notifications to open with a touch anywhere on it. All in all, it lets you connected with the world on the go without any hassles.


3. AP Mobile : AP Mobile is an award-winning multimedia news portal developed by The Associated Press that provides anytime access to international, national and local news. Designed specifically for market-leading smartphones, AP Mobile provides a rich media gateway to a wide variety of news content and mobile-specific functionalities including search, viral sharing, content ratings and text alerts, as well as customizable location settings and homepage categories. Its Windows Phone 7 Application is pretty fast and doesn’t crash or come out with any glitch. Its runs smoothly where you can view exclusive videos and photos, breaking news stories and share them on Facebook, Twitter etc.


4. Netflix : Netflix Inc. is an American-based provider of on-demand internet streaming video in the United States and Canada and flat rate DVD-by-mail in the United States. The NetFlix App uses Que management sync to help you begin playing the video from where you left. Movies to be watched can be browsed thru the catalog from the queues that form instantly. The video quality stands exceptionally great with the streaming done over WiFI and 3G.


5. Weatherbug : WeatherBug is considered to be the only source for truly live, local weather news– providing users access to the largest network of professional weather stations in the US and thousands of locations around the world. In its Windows Phone 7 app, information on the weather conditions is supported by a number of sources like Doppler forecast, live weather cameras, radar, etc.


6. GoVoice : Developed by a third-party, this is the first application to tap the Windows Phone platform from the Google Voice stable. Though not the official version, it works pretty well where you have an inbox for Google Voice, voice mails that transcribed and you can also view the call history. With the ability to make long distance calls and pour incoming information right on the home screen, the GoVoice app surely makes itself heard.


7. Poynt : Are you lost or need to find your favourite places in your locality? Log on to Poynt, the app which helps you connect with local restaurants, businesses, weather and movies based on your current location. Find out your favourite restaurant, book a dining hall and later go out for a movie. All you can exercise via the Poynt application.


8. Shazam : A very famous music identification application, Shazam helps you identify the track when you hear the music that is played on the radio. Even though the music being played when you remain on an elevator or a bus, the source is tracked and Shazam makes the song available for you, linking it from the Zune Marketplace.


9. Yelp : The Yelp app is more beneficial for travelers when they are new to a city. Through this, you can identify local bars, shops, restaurants and other business places and voice your opinion on the same. You can listen to music, play games and do a lot more activities that are carried out normally.



10. Flixster : This is a complete movie themed app on the Windows Phone 7 Market Place. Through this, you can watch movie trailers, obtain local movie listings, read reviews, book for movie tickets, find information on new DVD releases, find local theaters and their showtimes; All on your Windows Phone 7 handset!


To install them, simply head over to the Windows Phone MarketPlace.

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