Top 10 list of Game apps for Windows Phone

Being listed in top 10 is the great thing for the producers and creators of a software or an application. In this list the position given to an app has been decided by the users of the Windows Phone who downloaded the applications – which made it possible for us to get this list done. I have made a list of top ten games as per the download count of each game.

Game apps for Windows Phone

1: Angry Birds:

Angry Bird for Windows Phone 7 now has 165 exciting levels and integration with Xbox, where you can play with Xbox online gamers.


2: Fable Coin Golf:

It’s an educational game using the XNA frame-work, as well as entertaining game. In this game the gold you collect it can be transferred to Xbox or PC.


3: Monopoly:

Monopoly is a strategy game were 2 or more players can play together, it’s a fun and educational game where you get to know the value of money, property etc. in this application for windows you can play alone with the CPU where you can find it interesting to play and time pass.


4: Full House Poker:

It’s a Poker game you play in the club and it’s a bit real life thing were people move around you. Here you can play it online with other players. This game is total fun and interesting too.


5: Need for Speed Undercover:

Need for Speed Undercover for Windows Phone 7 platform is really unbelievable because of its high-end graphic which is much better than playing in PC.


6: Fruit Ninja Final:

It’s a Ninja game where you have to slice the fruits falling here you have to swipe the screen and show your Ninja skills – slicing the fruits the more fruits you slice at one strike the more you gain points.


7: Pro Evo 2011:

Pro Evolution Soccer 2011 it has already been the best game in PC for gamers now its available in windows 7 phone so that the gamers don’t have to need a PC to play this game.


8: Bejeweled:

It’s a game especially for girls but the game is more interesting for boys too, its a jewelery game where you have to score points by clicking on same kind of jewels. It’s an interesting game to spend time.


9: The Harvest:

The Harvest Game is a fiction action RPG game is one of the best windows phone 7 games in the market, an exclusive  Windows Phone 7 game created by Microsoft. Graphics of this game makes it unique.


10: Praetor, The Game:

Praetor is an arcade type of war game, which will get interesting, when you pass levels step by step. You can build your army, throw spears and build towers. This game is built by Random Software.


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