ToolWiz BSafe: Create a secure Safe for your private files

Got something private and personal on your PC? It is time to put all your private photos, documents and data at a safer place where no one can reach. And that safer place is no where far from your PC’s hard drive. ToolWiz Bsafeis a free utility that lets you create a safe on your PC’s hard drive itself which can be used to store all private data, and you can password protect it too.

ToolWiz BSafe review

ToolWiz offers some rather useful freeware tools like Toolwiz TimeFreeze, Toolwiz Pretty Photo & ToolWiz BHORM. ToolWiz BSafe too is a useful utility with amazing features as it keeps your private data safe and no one can know about it. You can even use it as a method to securely share files among your friends. You can create as many Safes you want with ToolWiz BSafe.

Once you are done with installing BSafe, you are ready to create a Safe. To create a new safe click on ‘Create New Safe’ button and then type in the address where you want to save your safe or click on browse button to locate the folder where you want to save the safe. Then choose the size of your safe, you can choose any size between 100 MB and 50000 MB.

ToolWiz BSafe

You then need to choose a strong password for your safe and then confirm it. That will be all. Click on the ‘Create Now’ button and BSafe will now take a bit of time to create your secure safe and once it is done, BSafe would automatically notify you about it.

ToolWiz BSafe

After a Safe is saved, BSafe automatically mounts that Safe on to your computer – but you can simply unmount it from your computer by selecting the Safe file and clicking on ‘Close Selected Safe’ button. You can even open any previously created Safe by clicking on ‘Open Safe’ button, then you need to enter the Safe file’s URL or you can browse for it and choose a drive letter for it – that is the letter used to represent any partition or storage device attached with your computer.

Next you need to enter the safe password. The Safe will be mounted on your system like any other hard drive, and you will be able to access it easily. You can add files to the Safe, delete files or simply use that Safe to run your private files.

Open Safe

ToolWiz BSafe is a wonderful utility with intuitive interface that lets you store all your private data at a secure place and in the secure form.

Click here to download BSafe.

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    Only through a few steps,You can put your important files in the virtual safe.It is very wonderful.

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