Toolbox for Windows 8: Useful Free Productivity App In Windows Store

Windows 8 is undoubtedly excellent in terms of its beautiful and touch friendly interface but if taken in terms of apps selection, Microsoft is still far behind its competitors iOS and Android. But I suppose this is natural – as the Windows 8 ecosystem is still relatively new.  I got to know about Toolbox for Windows 8, which looked like a very  interesting app in the Windows 8 store.

Toolbox app for Windows 8

Toolbox is a productivity app in the Windows 8 store. It has its own 10 productivity tools and one can arrange their shortcuts on the start screen. This app blends very well with the new tiled layout of Windows 8 start screen and thus it allows me to run my favorite apps and tools alongside.

The 10 productivity tools of the Toolbox include:

  1. Facebook
  2. Weather app
  3. Web browser
  4. A notifier
  5. Doodle, a drawing app
  6. A unit conversion tool
  7. Voice Notes
  8. Calculator
  9. Stop Watch
  10. World Clock.

You can select a custom layout for your toolbox and add a maximum of 6 tools in it. Toolbox is created by Vectorform and is being very well accepted by the Windows 8 users. This app had 336 ratings in the Windows 8 Store and now it has 337! I rated it with 5 stars!

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How To Install Toolbox

  • Go to the Windows 8 Store and then go to the productivity tools and click on ‘New Releases’. There are 96 productivity apps in Windows 8 and all are arranged alphabetically so you can easily locate ‘Toolbox for Windows‘. Click it.
  • Toolbox will start downloading and installing as you click it. You would of course need an internet connection to install this app from the store.
  • Once it is installed, go to the Start screen and scroll to end. You will see a tile of ‘Toolbox’ there. Click on the tile and your Toolbox will open.
  • Select the layout according to number of tools you want to set on your start screen. toolboxtoolbox
  • Select the tools you want to arrange in the six tiles and you are done with it.toolbox
  • Save the tool set from the tab in your lower left corner. There are some pre-saved toolsets in the toolbox. 

You can save as many tool set as you want with different names. I have saved this toolset with name ‘Test Toolset’.

You can use all those six productivity tools simultaneously and this is what I like the most about this app. Check out the image below where I have used all those six tiles simultaneously on my Toolbox.

You can browse web while checking your notifications on Facebook account or while recording a voice note. This multi-tasking app will make it easy for you to use six different tools simultaneously without being swamped.

It is available for free in the Windows 8 store and it is very easy to install and use.

Have a look at Technicians Toolbox software too!

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