Too many system restore points may slow down your Windows 7 startup


  1. How many is too many and how do we know when it’s having an impact? There’s got to be a way to detect if you are having this problem and a rule of thumb about how many restore points can be safely kept.

  2. TheBigOldDog: The very same question came to my mind too. How many is too many!? Well I guess if you find your computer startup time increasing, this is something we could check up on. By experience, I have not faced any problems when I’ve had 5-10 points.

    Juan: When I last checked here, it was present them and you were expected to enter your mail ID. Today after reading your comment, I tried again and I get this: The KB article has no public hotfixes. Please contact support if you need immediate assistance. You can see from the review date there that the article was modified, a day after being posted. Maybe that is the reason…

  3. You should keep the number of restore points relatively small no matter what, even if the system is performing well. When I do my initial build, OS installation done and completely patched as well as all of my standard software on and completely up to date, I will do a manual snapshot of the system and delete all older ones. When doing regular updates (Patch Tuesday, etc), as long as the system is not misbehaving and remains stable, I will delete unnecessary older restore points after 2 weeks or so. As a result, I rarely have more than about 4 restore points. Using this system, I have yet to encounter a situation where I need an older restore point than currently exists on the system and my boot times remain consistent throughout the lifetime of any particular build.

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