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Tips, Tricks & Tweaks for Internet Explorer

Here are some Internet Explorer Tips, Tricks, Tweaks and Registry fixes which work with Internet Explorer. These tips will help you customize your Internet Explorer.

To keep the Menu Bar always visible

Currently to view the Menu Bar, a user can hit ALT on the keyboard to temporarily view the Menu Bar.

To keep the Menu Bar always visible, Open Regedit via Start Menu\Run\Regedit.

Now hit ALT on your keyboard, and the menu bar should remain. To remove, either set the value to 0 or remove the AlwaysShowMenus value.

Always load Internet Explorer in Full-Screen Mode

Currently, to view IE9 in Full-screen Mode, a user can hit the F11key on the keyboard.

To always load Internet Explorer in Full Screen Mode, Open Regedit

Now when you open Internet Explorer, it will be in full-screen Mode. To revert, set the value back to No. You can also toggle between Normal and Full-screen Mode by hitting F11 on your keyboard.

Move the Menu Bar to the Top of Internet Explorer

UPDATE: In the final release of Internet Explorer, the Menu Bar At Top tweak does not work.

The Menu Bar currently is located below the Search Box. Though not recommended as there are some side effects, to move the menu Bar to the top of Internet Explorer you can do the following.

To move the Menu Bar to the top of Internet Explorer 9, Open Regedit

Now when you open Internet Explore, the Menu Bar will be above the Search Box. To remove, either set the value to 0 or remove the ITBar7Position value.

Known side effects from moving the Menu Bar to the top are it adds a small window border to the top. It also removes the ability to move the Internet Explorer window by dragging its borders. Will also add a black background effect behind the tabs. To move the Internet Explorer window, you can drag the window by clicking on the black area and dragging. When going into Fullscreen Mode, the Menu Bar is no longer visible.

Enable More Simultaneous Downloads

If you have trouble downloading more than two files from a single website. You can try this Registry Edit to enable more than 2.

To enable more simultaneous downloads in Internet Explorer 9, Open Regedit

You should now be able to download more than two downloads at the same time. To revert, just remove the two values.

Run InPrivate Mode Automatically when you run Internet Explorer

If you like running your IE9 in InPrivate Mode, you will notice the ability to run InPrivate Mode Automatically has been removed by Microsoft.

The alternative to running in InPrivate Mode Automatically is to create a shortcut to InPrivate Mode, For example, a new IE shortcut on your desktop

Click next and give it a name. Now you can run InPrivate Mode Automatically by running the shortcut

A few IE tips without the use of hacks

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Know of anymore IE tweaks? Please do share below in the comments!

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