Tips to take notes in Opera browser quickly

Opera browser has one feature, which not many people pay attention to but yet is very useful at times. The ability to save notes while browsing. This has added to the overall functionality of the browser, since it allows you to actually save time – of shifting yourself from browser to word processor – and back.

If you are visiting any web page and you wish to copy and save a part of the text, you no longer need to open Notepad,etc, and copy-paste the text.

Simply select the desired text, right-click and click on Send to Notes. The high-lighted text will be copied and sent to Notes.

To see your Notes, click on the Menu option in the left top side of the browser. You can also click on the Notes icon on your Panels toolbar on the extreme left side, to open it

Click on the Notes from the drop-down menu. A separate Notes tab will open in your browser window.

A very appealing feature of the window is that it includes 2 columns by default. The copied text strings are placed in the one column since the second column offers you liberty to make your own personal notes by referring to the copied text in first column.  Click at anyplace in the right column and start typing! After completing the task make changes, if necessary.

To organize your Notes and break the monotony while reading, you can separate the content into different paragraphs by activating a Separator which you will find in the ‘Menu’ item.

You can delete and un-delete notes which will then be moved to or from the Trash.

If you wish, you can easily send the Note to someone using the Send button, by Mail.

You can also do the following using Opera’s Notes.

  • Paste clipboard contents to note
  • Double-click a note to insert it in a Web page form
  • Right-click in forms to insert notes
  • Double-click a note to insert it in an e-mail message.

Such Opera Notes are stored as plain text in the file notes.adr in your Opera browser’s settings folder.

Authored by: Hemant Saxena.

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  1. japp

    I used to be a fan of Opera, but that was until I discovered Chrome. I’m using an extension which takes notes of both text and pictures: Quick Note.

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