Tips & Guide: Using Windows 7 Touch and IE on Slate or Tablet PC

Windows Touch is a feature of Windows 7 that when installed on a slate PC, changes the user interface from pointing and clicking to touch and tap. To launch programs and open documents, you tap; to scroll through web pages and lists, you pan the screen by touching and dragging the page with either one or two fingers.

Windows 7 Professional on a slate PC offers many features:

  • Offers all the capabilities of a high-performance computer with the mobility and convenience of a tablet.
  • Runs the products you already know—all of your favorite Windows 7 Professional programs are touch-ready.
  • Provides the compatibility to run virtually any program, and connect to nearly any device, wherever you are.
  • Requires only a stylus (sometimes referred to as a pen) or your finger instead of a mouse and keyboard.
  • Can be customized and optimized to suit your particular needs.

In Windows Touch, press and hold is the same as right-clicking an item. To “right-click” an item in Windows Touch. Touch the screen where you want to right-click, hold until a complete circle appears, and then lift your finger. The shortcut menu appears after you lift your finger.

To perform common tasks such as copy, paste, undo, and delete, you use a flick of your finger. When you flick, you quickly draw a short line in one, as though you were brushing something off the screen with the tip of your fingertip or with your stylus. The direction of the flick determines the shortcut you use

You may find that using Windows Touch gestures, motions that you make with one or two fingers, are easier to use than a mouse, pen, or keyboard. The following table describes the gestures available with Windows Touch. You can see more here on Windows 7 Touch Gestures.

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You can also use Touch-Friendly Features Internet Explorer 9 on the slate PC to access the internet. Touch-friendly features provide you with the same features as a mouse. These gestures make it easier to browse—to zoom in and out quickly on a webpage with your fingertips, to take a closer look at something, or just make better use of your screen space. The following table describes the touch-friendly features available in Internet Explorer 9.

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