Best Tips and Tricks for using Inbox by Gmail

Inbox by Gmail is a popular email client for Gmail, which was introduced in 2014. Since then, it has gained much popularity as it comes with numerous exceptional and very advantageous features. In fact, Google will ditch their traditional email service UI, Gmail, with Inbox by Gmail, according to sources. Whether Google ditches Gmail or not, you should definitely use ‘Inbox by Gmail’ because of its smart features and other advantages.

Here are some tips and tricks for using Inbox by Gmail smoother and smarter. As this is a completely new service for you, you should check out these tricks so that you can use it better and understand the features quicker.

Inbox by Gmail tips and tricks

1] Invite others

In the initial days, Inbox by Gmail was invitation based service. But, now that barrier has been lifted. Now, anyone can use this service without any invitation. But, still if someone is getting any problem to use Inbox by Gmail, you can invite him/her to use it. To invite anyone, just log in to Inbox by Gmail, click on plus symbol and select Invite to Inbox button. Therefore, you will have to enter the email ID that needs to be added in Inbox by Gmail.

2] Create Reminder

This is a new feature and you cannot get it in Gmail. However, these reminders will be synchronized with Google Keep and you can keep your important tasks in mind using this Reminder option. To create a reminder, click on the Plus sign in Inbox by Gmail and select Reminder. Therefore, you can write own your notes. This is also possible to add tags like email, call etc. so that you can organize them better.

3] Edit Label

Label helps users to categorize all mails. Although, Gmail allows users to edit label, but this is time consuming. But, Inbox by Gmail lets you edit the label by clicking on two buttons only. To edit label name, just click on Main Menu button that looks like three lines and click on the settings button that is placed next to the email label.

Edit label in inbox by gmail

Therefore, you will get an option called Edit Name. Just click on this and enter new name for that email.

4] Delete Label

Alike editing, this is possible to delete any email label without any hectic process. Sometime, you may need to delete unnecessary labels to clean up your email account. To delete any label, just click on Main Menu button and the settings button of any label. Then, you will get an option called Delete. Just go through this option to delete the label.

5] Sweep Bundle

In Inbox by Gmail, you can find some bundles like Promo, Social, Finance, Updates, Forums etc. This service is really smart and that is why it can detect the context the any email and put them under any bundle. Generally, Promos and Social tab will contain all junk email (it depends though). Therefore, if you want to sweep them at once, you can simply click on the Sweep button that is positioned above the email box.

Sweep email in inbox by gmail

6] Change Bundle of multiple emails at once

As mentioned before, your email will be categorized automatically. But, if your email is placed in wrong bundle, you can easily change that. In fact, this is possible to do the same for multiple emails at once. To change bundle of multiple emails, just click on the Options button and select another Bundle that you like. For more, check out the following image,

Change Bundle of multiple emails at once

7] Pin any email

This is another new features of Inbox by Gmail. By utilizing this option, you would be able to pin important email to the top. Sometime, you can forget about any email. Therefore, this PIN option will let you keep that email in mind. To pin any email to the inbox/top, just open the email and click on Pin button that is placed on the top menu bar.

Pin email to the inbox

8] Snooze email

This is probably the best inclusion since many people often skip an email and try to read them later. Suppose, you have no time right now but you want to read an email later. Instead of keeping that ‘Unread’, you can simply snooze that. This option will show a notification, which is very important. To snooze any email, just click on the clock button and set a date & time. This is also possible to snooze email by location. If you use this option, you will be notified after reaching to a certain place. For your information, you can set the location on Google Maps.

snooze email in inbox by gmail

9] Remove email from Bundle

Suppose, you do not want to set a bundle (Finance, Promo, Social etc.) for an email. At this situation, just open the email, click on the three dotted button and select ‘Remove From [Bundle]’. This is as simple as that.

10] Low priority

Low Priority is another helpful feature of Inbox by Gmail. Sometime, you may want to read an email but that is not much important right now. At such situations, you have two options. You can either keep that unread or set it to Low priority. If you set Low Priority, your email will be moved to a different location that is accessible from the Manu Menu option. Here, you can find a section called ‘Low Priority’. If you want to set Low Priority to any email, just select any mail, click on the three dotted button (option button), scroll down and select Low Priority. It will be moved under that section.

Inbox by Gmail tips and tricks

11] Show particular Bundle at certain time

Let’s assume that you are getting loads of email to Promo bundle and you are being distracted due to that. At such situation, if you want to get all email of a particular Bundle at a particular time, you can check out these settings. There is an option for this purpose that will let you set the new message arrive notifications like this,

  • As messages arrive
  • Once a day
  • Once a week

If you select “As messages arrive”, you will get notification for each new email. If you select “Once a day”, you will get notification at 7AM. If you select “Once a Week”, you will get email notification on Monday at 7AM. To set that up, click on Main Menu button and click on the settings button of any bundle. Here you will get some options like this,

Show particular Bundle at certain time in inbox by gmail

Just choose an option between “Once a day” and “Once a week” and close the window. That’s it.

12] Download attachment without opening email

Earlier in Gmail you can find only an attachment sign if any email contains any file as an attachment. To download that, you have to open that email and click on the download button. But, now, this is possible to download attachment without opening email. Inbox by Gmail shows all the attachment openly. That means, you can just click on the attachment button to download that even when your email is not opened. It looks like this,

Download attachment without opening email

13] Hide particular Bundle in Inbox by Gmail

Generally, you will get Purchases, Finance, Social, Updates, Forums and Promos by default. Nevertheless, if you think any bundle is not necessary to be in Inbox by Gmail, you can simply hide that. After hiding the bundle, you can find all the email but now the bundle. To hide any bundle, just click on Main Menu button, click on corresponding settings button and toggle the button that says Bundle messages in the inbox.

This new service is really awesome and if you haven’t tried it before, you should definitely do.

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