Time of My Life Windows Phone app from Microsoft Research

Everyone passes through life when the days count like minutes and months like hours, and at the end we are left thinking, where did the time go. What I was doing that Sunday? Brought to you by Microsoft Research, Time of My Life is a free Windows Phone time tracking application. Now you don’t need to remember the past the app does it for you, and will track all that you do throughout the day.

Track your life with Time of My Life Windows Phone app

Time of my life locations

The app works by logging your location at different times using the global positioning system in your device. It shows you the time spent by you at different places. You can add as many places to the map, let it be your home, work place, your favorite restaurant, your aunt’s home or just anything. The app is going to track you for whole of the day and would display the time spent by you at different places.

You might argue that you can better remember where you spent your time for the whole day, but what if I ask you where did you spent most of your time in the first week of February. And probably you will not be able to answer the question and that is why this app comes handy in tracking time and recording the locations.

You can use this app to track your time and create a schedule to become more productive. After you’ve spent few weeks with this app, the app will automatically generate useful graphs showing where you spent most of your time. And after looking into these graphs, you can make important changes in your daily schedule, like you can start spending more time at your gym rather than a restaurant. You can view these graphs for a selected time range, it could be a day, a week or a complete month.

Time of My Life Windows Phone app

The app is really very useful for the all those living a busy life. Keeping a track on time is good activity and it makes you more productive moreover it keeps a record of places you visited the past day, week or the past month. The app is completely free to download but it may not be available in certain regions, so if the app isn’t available in your region you can do nothing except waiting for Microsoft to make this app available in all the regions.

Click here to download Time of My Life and start tracking your life!

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