This time download the latest HD Video Converter Factory Pro v 3.0 for FREE!


  1. Thanks for the giveaway guys. But is this software really works ? I was asking cause check on that promotion page there is wrong mark in column of INPUT of this giveaway version , so it mean it wont accept any video as input ?? Correct me if i am wrong

  2. Hello SilverGoldi,

    I am Eric Tyson from WonderFox Soft, Inc. I can surely tell you the HD Video Converter Factory Pro can work very well. It is not the first time that we cooperate with TWC, we both hope to offer high quality services to all of you.

    All of you can use the HD Video Converter Factory Pro for a lifetime without any function limitataion.

    I hope you all will enjoy it.

  3. Hello Eric Tyson
    Thanks for clearing my doubt , but i asked cause i seen a wrong mark in input column at the giveaway page .

  4. I have version 2.0 would like to upgrade to new version the software works fantastic I converted some movies and videos to high def and its great

  5. I submitted details as required for the free license on the give away page 5 days ago have had no reply tried the unregistered version found it works well with my topfield hd 2460 to convert their mpg ts files

  6. I am so sorry for that I can not reply every users in time. Because of some personal affairs, I do not have time to reply all of you. please wait for it patiently, I will try my best to reply every users.

    Tip: Be sure that you have enter the valid email address.

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