Things Mac OS X Cannot Do


  1. 1. Get the NuFile plugin and you can create all sorts of files using right-click in Mac OS X.

    2. To set a picture as background, right-click on that picture and select ‘Use Image as Desktop Picture’.

    3. Agree on the wallpapers folder problem.

    4. Merging folders is not yet default in Mac OS X. But there are many free softwares that can do that.

    5. I do not see a logic behind ‘selectively’ deleting trash. Why put something in trash and then go back to ‘undelete’ it? Sounds like something a confused person would do!

    6. Restoring stuff is the easiest part. Heard of Time Machine?

    7. Agreed there is no cut. Ever tried using the spring-loaded folder opening function.

    8. Pick any item and right-click, then select ‘Get Info’. You’ll not only see the size, but a lot of other important stuff too!

  2. This post is an an extract of an article from whose link has been mentioned as source. There are more issue listed there.

    Regarding your Point 5, this argument was already forseen by the articles author and answered : Do not just tell me “why would you ever want it back if you put it in the Trash”…If you don’t ever delete a file by mistake, then Trash should be disabled.

    Some other people cite examples from real life.(you can’t selectively restore or empty trash in real life)…….

    You can’t cut and paste text around a document in real life, either.

    You shouldn’t eliminate a useful feature just because it makes the OS less real-life like. Computers are meant to automate things, not emulate real life.

    Update: Apple will have the restore feature in Snow Leopard according to this source.

  3. “You can’t cut and paste text around a document in real life, either.”

    — Sure you can, it just takes scissors and glue.

  4. In my opinion, with Time Machine enabled, I do not see a reason why Trash can’t be disabled! 😉

    By the way, it seems you ‘removed’ the last sentence in my previous post (naughty naughty..)!

  5. Here we go again! The mac os and its hw are made for each other and there are very few 3rd party apps for mac, unlike for windows where u can literally assemble any config and install windows on it. Plus see the no. of 3rd party apps for it. Blue screens are the results.

    Common now, who would like to write virus for some 5% mac users where u can get more fame by writing one for the 90% windows users!

    So rather than picking up something u threw mistakenly in the trash can, you’d rather ‘rewind’ your life! lol.

  6. re: “Can’t calculate total size: When you select some files in a folder and right click -> Get Info to find the total size, Finder displays a box for EACH item with the individual sizes.”

    Instead, select items in a folder; holding down ‘option’, right-click -> Show Inspector to show the total size of all selected files and/or folders

  7. @Haystack
    It is pretty easy for people to talk about Viruses on Windows. But don’t you know that Leopard is more vulnerable to malware than Vista? Vista is lot more secure than Mac OSX. This is a fact.

  8. @ Jagannath : OS X is more prone to Malware than Windows Vista..?? are u on the same planet as we are..?? and do u know anything about Computers to make a statement like that..??

  9. come on, guys, get real; most of you shoud wear blue… i’m running leopard on PCs ever since the first efi was available and it works like a charm… and guess what? no BSoDs or kernel panics…
    and you know what? i feel more comfortable knowing anytime i want what application is doing what, i have a very smart terminal
    the main diffrence between the 2 OSs is simple: to make a leopard run smoothly you have to know what computers do and how to handle them; to get a windows os running, you need to read and learn MS’s ineptitudes

  10. “Yeah– two more features a Mac does not have– Blue screens and viruses! lol.”

    Yup, i suppose thats because of their 5% market share.

  11. BTW, Jagannath is correct. If you talk to any professional hacker, you’ll here the same thing – windows is much more secure. Windows experiences more viruses because more people use their OS (which means more hackers) – 90% market share compared to apples 5%. Easy to talk when you hardly know any facts; MS has done a fabulous job; limiting the viruses you get. Steve jobs can go on and on on how macs have no viruses – but the truth is, its because no body uses them. And btw, what about “human error” on a mac.

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