Things Mac OS X Cannot Do

Here is an interesting, read I came across, on some shortcomings in a Mac. I have not used a Mac so cant say anything for the veracity of the points mentioned, but it sure is an eye-opener! Here is an extract:

Things OS X Cannot Do

Right Click to Create Text Files: You have to open TextEdit, create a file, navigate to the right folder, and save as…just to create a stupid file.

Set a picture as background: You certainly cannot select a picture in finder to set it as background. No app in OS X lets you do that. You have to use go through a long series of clicks in desktop background settings and manually find your file.

Choose entire folders to be wallpapers: You can add a folder, but SUBFOLDERS ARE NOT INCLUDED. That means you can’t manually organize your wallpapesr. Again, iPhoto is useless for anything but photos, so unless all your wallpapers are photos, don’t expect iPhoto to be a solution.

Merging folders: When you copy a folder, if the new location contains a folder of the same name, there is no way to merge the folders. Instead, Finder overwrites the original folder with the new one. All files in the original folder are lost. The only way to get around this is to use the unix mv -v command….very user unfriendly design.

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Cannot selectively delete trash: There is no way to delete one or several items in trash at a time. (useful when you want to double check the items one at a time before you actually delete them). You can only empty all the trash at once.

Cannot restore trash: If you accidentally moved something to trash by accident, there is no option to restore the file to its original location.

Finder is Broken:

There is no cut: There is no “cut” option like in all other OS. So to move a file you have navigate to the destination in a separate Finder window and drag to it, or drag while navigating in the same Finder window through many folders and hope you don’t miss.

Can’t calculate total size: When you select some files in a folder and right click -> Get Info to find the total size, Finder displays a box for EACH item with the individual sizes.

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