Things I don’t like about the Windows Phone 7 operating system

The Windows 7 operating system is snappy and very responsive with several new features and takes a whole new approach in mobile communication. However there some things I have not liked about it or would like to see them in WP7.

When there is an incoming call, WP7 gives me 2 options : Answer and Ignore. If I choose Ignore,  it silences my ringing but it cuts the phone connection. I would like to see a Silence option, where if I choose to NOT accept the call I can choose Silence. This way my ringing will stop, but the caller will not know that I have ‘cut’ him off. Currently, if I choose Ignore, the caller is ‘cut’ and this can hurt his feelings. UPDATE: Well as I have learnt from the comments below, you can do this by pressing the Power button for a short while.

In the Messaging module, I would like to have the option to display my messages either using the Conversation view or the traditional way viz: Inbox, Sent, Drafts.

I would also like the option to Select all and Delete All messages at one stroke. I have  to delete conversations individually now!

Would also like to see an option for Ring Once. Many a times I want to be be alerted about a new incoming call but not have it ringing continuously. This is esp useful if I am sitting in a meeting or even sleeping at night! Having the option to customize different Profiles would be great!

In the Call History, there is no separation of calls Received, Outgoing and Missed. The single endless list can get pretty confusing at times. How about a tabbed interface listing Received, Outgoing and Missed calls?

Would like the option to choose WHAT should be imported EVEN for the default Live account. What if I don’t want to import my default Live account contacts!?

A single mail app like the Windows Live Mail which can provide support for multiple mail accounts would be nice.

How do I attach a document and send using the Mail app. I can send a picture but a Word document?

The Windows Live Messenger is absent. Would love to see it being integrated. But fine the app works nicely too.

The Camera app does not remember my custom settings like scenes, resolution, metering node, flicker adjustments, etc. Have to do it all over again every time.

No copy-pasting! How do I copy a link and mail it to someone if I want to!?

No multitasking for 3rd party apps. If you leave the program or the app to go and do something else, you have to come back and relaunch it.

A fully integrated Twitter app would also be most welcome, but again the 3rd party apps do the job well.

Would love to see a cloud based back up service for WP7 users integrated in WP7.

Support for some 3rd party services like YouTube /Flickr / etc would be handy.

Would like to see support for custom ring tones, alarm tones, and other minor customizations.

It would have been great it the Search button in the front also had an option to search data stuff on my phone! How about a Search Web | Search Phone option!? It would then probably justify its place in the front!

The address bar in Internet Explorer disappears when the phone is held horizontally. Why not let it continue to appear?

How do I save a Draft of an SMS text message which I may want to send later!?

How do I forward Contact details to someone by sms? I could do it in Nokia.

One cannot create and store readymade templates for oft-sent sms messages. However I have come across a nice app SMS Templates which can help you here.

It appears that the isn’t any way to intercept incoming phone calls in the WP7 documentation currently, as a result of which Call Blocker apps cannot be developed! A pity, as this is a very useful app in today’s times and which we take for granted on most other phones!

We know that some like Copy-Paste and other issues are being addressed in the next update, but I do hope that most or all of these will be addressed too!

I will keep updating this post and and when I think of something!

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