The Oops!Backup Giveaway Is Back!

Some time back we had a giveaway of Oops!Backup here, where the company had given away 25 licenses of its Oops!Backup software. The giveaway is back, by request! Altaro is pleased to offer 15 more licenses to the readers of The Windows Club!

Oops!Backup, is a Time machine for Windows, which  will allow you to not only bring back lost, deleted or misplaced files, it will also allow you to view past changes made to those files and to undo or adopt those changes!

This revolutionary feature addresses real needs by providing you with a full history of any changes made to a file, rather than only giving you the latest version of that file.

Oops!Backup is no ordinary backup product: Thanks to its unique BackInTime™ technology Oops!Backup allows you to travel back in time to recover different versions of your important documents, photos or any other files.

Unlike traditional backup products on the market today which simply permit you to recover a file, Oops! Backup enables you not only to recover that file – but it also offers the added benefit of allowing you to recover all past versions of that file!

Once you install and configure Oops!Backup, it runs in the background tracking the documents, photos and other files you are working with; when it detects any new versions of those files or changes within existing files, it will save a copy of those changes for you automatically, allowing you to reverse those changes back to any point in time!

15 FREE licenses are being offered to the readers of TheWindowsClub. To win a license simply upload an image of Oops! running on your desktop and post its image link in the comments section below. Alternatively or additionally, you may simply tweet / retweet this offer to your followers and post its status url here. Do both, and you increase your chances! The product otherwise, costs $ 37.00! The giveaway will close 10 days from now.

You can download a free 30-day trial version of Oops! here.

Works with: Windows 7 (32 & 64 bit), Windows Vista  (32 & 64 bit) & Windows XP (32 bit).

In case you dont want to wait or in case you are not lucky enough to win a license, the company Altaro has made a special offer, whereby TWC readers can buy the Oops! license at a 20% discount right away. To get the 20% discount,  use the Coupon Code: W3HGPJ .

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  1. Michael

    Yeah, I know.. I’ll be adding a much bigger drive soon.

  2. Michael

    Sorry.. screwed up. Here it is again.

  3. Jenny

    Hope to win a license. Great backup program.

  4. Shahnawaz

    Firstly I thought Oops Backup like any other backup program,But after giving it a try I really found it different from others.Oops Count me up

  5. wjbinokc

    I really like the versioning aspect of the program. It will protect me from myself!

    Click the link for the photo…

  6. stammer

    I hope I qualify to enter. Have been try to win a copy of Oops!Backup for some time now.

  7. stammer

    oops think i make a mistake on my tweet.
    sorry for the doulble post.
    here is tweet

  8. Wheezer

    This looks like the kind of thing I was looking for!

    Please enter me in the contest.

  9. see my pic on:
    and my private tweet on (first time did not show up)

  10. see my pic on:
    and my private tweet on (first time did not show up (second also maybe because my mail address ends with .info?)

  11. see my pic on:
    and my private tweet on (first time did not show up (second and third also. Maybe because my site and mail end with .info?)

  12. Aviator365


    Pls consider me for this …. Thanks.

  13. I just got a new computer and this would be great to help me on my quest to have a full backup of my files.

  14. Thunder-man

    Hope i win a Time machine, great program.

    My image

  15. Pratik

    A very good software…
    It is simple to use and fast..
    Here is the screenshot when I first configured the setup

    Here is my tweet status URL:

    Thank you…!

  16. Philip

    This is a must have utility,really need to win this

  17. My image is at

    If I win a license I would replace my current backup solution.

  18. BTOR

    HI thewindowsclub
    i would just love to win this oopsbackup very much ,have been looking for such good software so many days, so would be really happy to win this

    here is the picture :

    here is my tweet :



  19. Tim Magee

    Since I do not have a web page and I do not tweet, I guess I will just have to buy my own license, but since I have been looking for a “Shadow Copy” utility ever since I retired and lost the use of our server, it will be well worth the $37. Oops indeed! 🙂 Tim Magee

  20. Here’s the link for the image of Oops running on my desktop:


  21. Here’s the link for the image of Oops running on my desktop:


  22. vimal

    thankyou,for this great giveaway,
    twitter status :

  23. dectective

    hi can you put me also in this giveaway , will be really thankful to you, i really want to win this

  24. CLARAJONES is my tweet can i pleaseeee win one license.

  25. Congrats 🙂


    I have the licenses and I will be mailing them to you tomorrow. In case you do not see them in your Inbox, please check in your Junk folder too!

  26. BTOR

    HI thankyou verymuch

  27. Shahnawaz

    Waiting for the license.

  28. Shahnawaz

    Still not got the key.Hope U will send it soon

  29. The keys have been dispatched to all, already. Pls check your Inbox or Junk box and reconfirm. If anyone has not received it, please let me know in 2 days and I will resend the mail to the mail id mentioned by you in the comment.

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