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The InPrivate mode in Internet Explorer.

Internet Explorer 8 introduced a new feature called as the InPrivate browsing mode. It is also available in Internet Explorer 9 onwards.

– The InPrivate™ Browsing mode, lets you control whether or not IE 8 should save your browsing history, cookies, and other data.

While browsing in the InPrivate mode, the following takes place:

– New cookies are not stored
– New history entries will not be recorded
– New temporary Internet files will be deleted after the Private Browsing window is closed
– Form data is not stored
– Passwords are not stored
– Addresses typed into the address bar are not stored
– Queries entered into the search box are not stored
– Visited links will not be stored

To browse in the InPrivate mode, in IE, click on Tools tab and select InPrivate Browsing or alternatively click Ctrl+Shift+P.  A new window will open and you will see the following in your address bar.

If you prefer to always browse using Internet Explorer in the inPrivate mode, you may create a desktop shortcut using the following command line arguement:

iexplore.exe -private

Copy-pasting this in the start search box and hitting enter will start you IE in this mode.