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The Guest Mode feature in Windows 7.

The Guest Mode is a new feature in Windows 7. It is primarily aimed at shared PCs that need to be returned to their original state after being used by another.

The Guest Mode thus is not to be confused with Guest Account. Those who are familiar with SteadyState will know of the concept.

Any use, using the PC in the Guest Mode can do no damage or make cause change to it. Any changes he makes or any files he may drop on the desktop will be reversed once he logs off. This feature is thus of great use for public computers, classrooms, libraries, and other shared computing scenarios. This feature will find great use at home, where parents may want to configure the feature for their kids.

To enable the Guest Mode feature, open the Start Menu and click on your logon picture.

Next click on Manage another account. From the list shown, select the account which you’d like to add to Guest Mode.

Create an account for this purpose first, if you don’t have one. Do note that you have to first install applications and configure such settings which you want your kids to use, FIRST, and then add the account to Guest Mode.

Such user accounts are added to a new local user group called SafeZone.

Once the account is configured thus  the user will not be able to change system setting changes, install new programs, write to the disk outside of their user profile or save data.