The Blind Search Engine Test – Google vs Bing vs Yahoo

What happens when you do a search that doesn’t have branding. Are you swayed by the branding of your favourite search engines? Take the Blind Search Engine Test.

Blind search test

Google vs Bing vs Yahoo

To figure it out, Michael Kordahi has built a “Blind Search”. Basically, you enter a query, get back three results in random order then select the column which you believe gave you the best results.

On the site, you enter a single search query which results three sets of unbranded results. After viewing the results, you are given an option to vote on one set of results, which then reveals the provider and adds it to the tally.

I searched for The Windows Club and voted for what I felt were the best results.

At the time of writing, Google was leading at 40%, followed by Bing at 38% & Yahoo at 22%.

Reminds me of the ‘Mojave Experiment’. Will be interesting to see these results develop.

What is your experience? Check it out over at BlindSearch.

And then there is With Bing already making mentionable inroads, it was about time several websites would crop up to compare the two search engine results.



With these you can obtain search results of Bing & Google, side by side: Compare Google & Bing

This one compares Google vs Bing vs WolframAlpha: SearchEngine Compr

Know of any more ?

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