Daily Live Technical Webcasts from Microsoft at Zeollar

Microsoft has many channels or programs through which it educates about it technologies – be it MSDNAA, MS IT Academy, MVA, etc. There is one another such initiative by Microsoft India called ZEOLLAR. Every such initiative brings something new or enhances the existing the older methodology.

Zeollar is the program through which you can catch about the Microsoft Technologies from basic to some special case description in the form of sessions of 25-30 minutes.

At Zeollar, you will find that the Microsoft DPE team members i.e. Developer and Platform Evangelism team members take  sessions on technologies like Azure, IE9, SharePoint etc . The beauty lies in the fact that first of all these people are actually responsible for building these for Microsoft so they really put their real-world experience while discussing the technologies. You feel like you are attending real classroom in a virtual environment.

You can argue – what’s the need of Zeollar when we already have similar programs like Channel 9 or Channel 8 etc. The difference lies that here, they just demonstrate how to do the certain activity, many of which are specific for special audience;  whereas other programs are meant for everyone. For example : “Building compatible websites with IE9 Document Mode & Browser Mode”  can’t be located at Channel 9, but you will able to learn it on Zeollar.

There is a “Calendar” which tells you the schedule of the upcoming sessions. You can also enjoy the previously recorded sessions. With the enormous size of the videos the website must be well-built so that viewing is proper and fast.

Zeollar is actually a Windows Azure cloud based application which improvises Microsoft Hyper-V technology to streamline the videos. It is currently beta phase and now has download option which allows you to download the sessions.

Visit Zeollar.com to enhance your knowledge.

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Harsh Mahajan is a Microsoft Student Partner. A technology enthusiast at heart, he has a tremendous passion for emerging technologies & trends like Cloud Computing & Windows Azure. He is associated with the International .Net Association as Brains Unleashed leader.