TeamLab Office Personal: Free Cloud Based Office Suite

There are already a plethora of web based online processors available in the market, TeamLab Office is just another online processors for Word, Excel and Powerpoint documents. There are two version of Teamlab: Personal and Corporate. Personal Teamlab is available for free; for Corporate usage, Teamlab users have to purchase a plan.

TeamLab Office

If we talk about the difference between other online processors and Teamlab, then from a user point of view, it offers enhanced formatting qualities for both Microsoft Office applications and cloud based storage services, like Google Docs. A tech geek will find Teamlab useful as it supports HTML5 – hence making it  easier to create and share files with other users.

Teamlab Personal by default allows user to work on document, spreadsheet and presentation editor. Users can create, edit and save that file on the Teamlab website itself. They can also upload the files in different format and can work and share.

Let us have a look at the 3 tools in brief.

Document Editor

teamlab office personal

Document Editor work in the same way as we work on Microsoft Word. It has features like align option, user can insert graphs, worksheets into it to create a dynamic Word document, few other but noticeable features that we saw in Teamlab Office is that multiple users can work on the same file at once, all co-users can chat with each other by using the chat button which appears on the top left hand side. User can also use the in-built search feature to look for resources that are available on that particular document.

Spreadsheet Editor

teamlab xls

Just like the Document Editor, Spreadsheet program also offers amazing features like adding comments on created file, sharing with other user. Users can also save the file on Teamlab Office itself, or on any cloud storage service to work on it further. Working on cloud based Spreadsheet file is fun as users can work or save on the file from anywhere they just need an internet connection to access it.

Presentation Editor

teamlab pptx

Like the traditional PowerPoint, Presentation Editor works in the same way. It offers user options to add template, add new slides in between based on the requirement. Once done working on the file user can download the file in PDF or PPT format also can be saved online for future use.

Getting Started with Teamlab Personal

You have to use either Google or Facebook account to login into Teamlab. However user can also click on Document, spreadsheet or presentation buttons to see the demo and check how it looks like and can also work on the files – but to save or share it, user have to sign up.

Once done with the sign in, a default dashboard will be presented to the user. Click on the doc, spreadsheet or presentation link and start working on it.

If a user wants to upload their own Word, PowerPoint or Excel file, they can do that and also edit, share or save the new edited file.

Under the Settings tab, a user can add different cloud based storage service like Drive, Box, One Drive or Dropbox to store file.

To share a file, a user have to click on the Share button which appears along with the file. A Window will pop-up asking to select type of access that you would like to give to that file. Copy the URL or create a tiny URL for the same. The file can also be shared on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ or via mail, by just clicking on the buttons.  There is also a Deny access link, ad if the option is enabled, then no one will be able to access the file from any shared links.

Personal Teamlab, is a must have backup tool for those users who spend most of their time working on Word, Excel or PowerPoint documents. It is available for free for personal use, go ahead and check it out here.

If you do not have a Microsoft Office license, such free Microsoft Office alternatives for Windows will help you get the work done.

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Abhishek Shukla is a computer graduate by education, a complete tech freak and music addict. Playing with software and mobile phones are part of his hobby. He is currently employed with a multinational company in India.


  1. Nina_Gorbunova

    Abhishek, thank you so much for reviewing Teamlab Personal! We’re glad you see it as a must have backup for people working with Word, Excel or PowerPoint.
    We are planning major product updates soon – stay tuned!

  2. Thankyou Nina, do let us know once the product updates is released.

  3. Rodolfo

    every day I get to know a little more.
    imformacion still so very good.

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