TaskIt App for Word 2013: Keep track of your pending work

Microsoft Word 2013 offers an option that lets you add elusive tasks alongside the app. All the user is required to do, is visit the Office App Store and download the app bearing name – ‘TaskIt’. The free TaskIt app is a great To-do list that keeps track of your pending work items under Word 2013 app. It possesses the functionality of adding new tasks and retaining the changed status when the Word is closed. It cuts short the necessity to consistently save the list as it can recover everything upon opening. Key features include adding, deleting tasks and retaining state when you re-open Word.

TaskIt App for Word 2013

Visit office App Store, look for the app and hit the Add option. You need to have a Microsoft Account although for completing the order. Do not close the window while your order is completed.

TaskIt App for Word 2013

Start using it! Make sure you’re signed in to Office.

If you’re using Word, Excel or PowerPoint, press Insert > My Apps

If you’re using Project, press Project > Apps for Office.

In the Apps for Office box, find your app. If you do not find it listed, do not worry. Press Refresh to update the list.


The TaskIt app should display in a pane to the right of your current document or the empty document.


If you wish, you can move the TaskIt pane by clicking and dragging the TaskIt title elsewhere on the screen.

To add a task, simply add a brief description for an upcoming task in the text field of the app and press Enter.

Task created

Do it a few more times if you have a lot of tasks to be reminded of.

  1. Once a task is created, simply put a tick in the appropriate box.
  2. The task displays with a check box for indicating when it’s complete.
  3. To delete a task, simply move your mouse over the task and click the red X.
  4. To the close the TaskIt app, click the X in the upper-right corner of the TaskIt pane.


  • Task description once added cannot be edited.
  • The same task cannot be created twice.

In all, Task It is a handy application to track pending items and delete tasks in one click.

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