Tap and Pay with Microsoft Wallet for Windows 10 Mobile Phone

With the increasing use of mobiles, shopping and paying through mobiles also got increased. But we always need to make sure that such mobile transactions need to be more secured. Many of the top organizations are using pay through mobile techniques. On the same way, Microsoft allows it users to pay using mobile by introducing Microsoft Wallet for Windows 10 Mobile. Based on the feedback from customers, Microsoft has come up with this Tap and Pay feature for Microsoft Wallet and the transaction happens in a secure way. Let us see features of Microsoft Wallet and how to use it.

Microsoft Wallet

Microsoft Wallet works with the Windows 10 Mobile. You need to have the app installed in your Windows 10 mobile and sign in using your Microsoft account. Next, add cards and you are good to go.

Pay Without Physical Card

Microsoft Wallet

Microsoft Wallet gives you the convenience of a Credit card as if you are carrying a physical card. When you want to pay through Microsoft Wallet, then you can open the card on the mobile and tap on it. You can use this where ever you see contactless payment terminal or Microsoft Wallet logo.

Add Many Cards in One App

add cards to microsoft walletadd cards to microsoft wallet

Microsoft Wallet allows you to add as many credit cards and debit cards you want. You can even save third party cards, offer cards, discount cards and much more. While making a purchase you can choose whatever card you want. Just swipe with your finger in order switch cards while making the purchase.

Save Reward Cards Also

Apart from saving credit and debit cards, you can also save membership and reward cards for restaurants, libraries, health clubs and much more in Microsoft Wallet. Any card which has a bar code can be saved as it can be scanned using your phone.

How to Make Payment with Microsoft Wallet?

When you tap to make payment, then Microsoft Wallet sends you a transaction number and an encrypted security number which works only for that transaction, person, and device. Later PIN for the payment will be the one which you use to unlock your phone.

Microsoft Wallet does not share any information regarding your credit and debit cards. So, there is no need to worry about the loss of confidential information.

No Problem Even If the Phone Is Lost

No need to worry, even if your phone is lost. Cards added to Microsoft Wallet do not have numbers and even if someone wants to make payment, then they need to have the PIN which you use to unlock your phone. Moreover, you can find the lost phone on the map, lock it or erase it completely.

When do you start using Microsoft Wallet? If you have anything to add, please do share with us through comments.

Source: Microsoft.

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