TalkHelper: Free software to record Skype video and audio calls

There are already many software available in the market that promise to record Skype video and audio conversations at high quality.  TalkHelper  is a new audio video recorder for Skype that promises to record Skype conversation in high quality.

TalkHelper – Record Skype calls



You must be running any version of Skype on your Windows computer to try this plugin, so if you don’t have Skype installed on your computer grab it and install and set it up first. Go ahead and get the setup file for TalkHelper as well.

Once you are ready with both setup files, install Skype first, then run TalkHelper to install and activate it. Once you are done with installation part, launch Skype and start making Audio or Video calls, the tool will start recording conversations in real time.

After finishing the conversation, navigate to C:\Users\ [Username]\Documents\TalkHelper, to access all Audio and Video recordings.

Features of TalkHelper:

  • Save Skype Voicemail and Video Message Easily: The plugin helps user to save Skype voicemails and video messages instantly by just a click of a button. The files are saved locally on the disk which can be playback with suitable media player.
  • Auto Record Feature: TalkHelper starts recording all incoming and outgoing video and audio calls automatically as this feature gets enabled as soon as call is connected with Skype. User can turn off this in settings and can manually turn it on when they require. Also, there is an option to pause/stop recording in real time with just one click.
  • Supports all versions: TalkHelper works smoothly on Windows, with current as well as older Skype versions.

How is it different from all other Skype recorders

In other Skype recorder add-ons, they simply record the screenshot of the video and audio, the way a user moves the Skype Window. But in TalkHelper, it records “inside” the video with every frame during the conversation and stores them locally as AVI files with XVID codec . The audio files are stored as MP3 or WAV format, based on the settings selected.

TalkHelper is a great plugin to record all those important conversations to browse through them when needed. Do give a try to it and share you feedback regarding the tool in your comments below.

UPDATE: Talkhelper is no longer free. Try the following instead.

More Audio Video Recorder freeware for Skype:

  1. Call Graph Toolbar
  2. Skype Auto Recorder
  3. Vodburner
  4. MP3 Skype Recorder.
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Abhishek Shukla is a computer graduate by education, a complete tech freak and music addict. Playing with software and mobile phones are part of his hobby. He is currently employed with a multinational company in India.


  1. DutchPete

    Do you have a preference for any of the Skype recorder apps?

  2. The Talkhelper home page link gives a 404 error (Oops! Page Not Found (Error-404)).

  3. DutchPete

    Why is Abishek Shukla not joining the discussion?

  4. You can go with TalkHelper, it is one of the most popular Skype recorder app.

  5. Jack.B

    Thanks for sharing this, the Talkhelper skype recorder works great!

  6. William Ryan

    Er, maybe it’s network issue.Or you can try other alternative Skype recorders to make your Skype video and voice recording. Here I wanna share you two TalkHelper alternatives that I know. Both of them supports recording screen in high quality. You can give it a try!

  7. DutchPete

    Why do you say it is free ??? You have to pay to use it as stated on their page www talkhelper com/help/index.php?action=artikel&cat=3&id=5&artlang=en

  8. Thanks. Will update post.

  9. Mick From Cov

    Hi Guys,
    I am currently evaluating ‘TalkHelper Call Recorder for Skype, version 2.6’ and recently recorded a SKYPE call. I would now like to edit it in order to send just certain clips to a 3rd party.

    My preferred method to edit the video would be to import it into ‘Windows Movie Maker 2.6.0’ but I’m not sure how to file the recording in a compatible format.
    How can I accomplish this please?

    thank you,

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