Takeafile helps you share large files faster than any cloud drive

Sharing files with friends or for business reasons is an important part of a netizen’s regular online work. Be it through emails, sometimes on a chat on social media, encrypted documents and quite often large media files which might need loads of space, file sharing is something we do quite often.

How do users share large files? Let us suppose we need to share a large file with a friend. The file’s size is beyond the scope of an email attachment’s permitted limit. The best option to send the file is to upload it to a cloud drive with limited access only to the recipient’s email ID. This process is time-consuming and cumbersome. Takeafile is a free web service that lets you transfer large files fast using Live Transfer feature. Send files directly from one device to another.

Takeafile – Share large files faster

Takeafile is a web app to make file sharing easy. Rather, way easier than sharing files through cloud drive links.

Features of Takeafile

  • Direct transfer: Forget cumbersome cloud drives. Takeafile eliminates the need to upload and later download files and folder. It allows users to share files as a link directly. All it needs is a few seconds.
  • The speed: This software is revolutionary. The company claims that the freeware transfer files at speed ten times that of cloud drives. They specify the reason that the file is not uploaded to the cloud but sent directly to the receiver’s end. However, when I tried on my system, it transferred a 3GB folder in a couple of minutes. That was the fastest file transfer over an internet connection.
  • File size: Takeaway allow sharing files of up to a size of 500GB. This size is comparable to the free versions of cloud drives. It has no comparison with USB flash drives and is a better method than physical hard disks. Furthermore, since it is a user to user activity not involving uploading and downloading, the process is safe and secure.
  • Cloud Drive: Perhaps the only positive one could speak of a cloud drive over Takeaway was that it could store files online. However, that is not the case because Takeaway has its own cloud drive so you could store files online when the recipient is away.

How to use Takeafile

It is easy. Visit the Takeafile website.  Takeafile sharing large files

Drag and drop the file to the center of the takeafile window.

Click on ‘Live Transfer‘. The other option helps in cloud storage of up to 512MB. Transfer page

Takeafile will give you a link. Copy the link and give it to the intended recipient. Copy link

When the recipient opens the link, the transfer starts. In the example a mentioned in the screenshots, the 33MB file was copied in a fraction of a second. The second the link is opened at the recipient’s end, it download’s the software to the system. File transferred

Ideally, they say that the space limit is 500GB per file, however, considering the technology, there is no space limit as you keep downloading file by file. I have used much software, but this one is revolutionary. Never before have I found it as easy to share files.

Speaking of the limitations, we need to create a Zip folder when sharing multiple files. However, the same happens with emails and cloud drives. The other limitation is that its free cloud drive space is 512MB which is less than most other cloud drives. But that isn’t its primary purpose of takeafile.com.

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  1. James Brown

    Great post! My two cents: to send multiple files you can drag&drop multiple files at the same time or a folder. The platform will zip it immediately.

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